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Are there options for permanent Lip Augmentation?


While temporary lip injections like Juvederm can last a few months, it is not uncommon for lip augmentation patients to seek a more permanent solution. Temporary fillers are just that… temporary. They require repeated treatments which can lead to additional recovery time and swelling. The market has a number of permanent solutions for patients that are happy with the result of lip augmentation, but just want to eliminate the need to continually have injections.

While there are a number of implants on the market to permanently augment lips, the “gold standard” and preferred treatment involves using a patient’s own fat to create a fuller appearance. For younger patients, the goal is often to increase the “lip pout,” as with older patients, lip injections are used to increase lip volume and treat the vertical skin creases which occur secondary to the aging process. Regardless of the reason for having the procedure, using a patient’s fat offers a much softer, more natural appearance to the lips. Implants can often become firm and can look surgically altered.

With over 70 years of combined experience doing lip augmentations, Dr. Fleming and Dr. Mayer have used a number of implants and fillers to augment lips and strongly recommend a “fat grafting procedure” to create natural, long-lasting results.