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Los Angeles Times Article


This is a very interesting and well-written article from the Los Angeles Times, which discusses the popularity of rhinoplasty for Iranian women.  In our  practice at the Beverly Hills institute, we have been privileged to perform rhinoplasty surgery on many Iranian women patients, and our experience has been quite similar to that described in the Times article. That is, almost all of these patients seem to feel that their “quality of life” has been greatly improved  by this procedure.

Thus, it is a “win-win” situation ( for both the patient and the surgeon) in that it is truly gratifying for our surgeons to have these patients, in their “follow up” visits with us, express their enthusiasm and satisfaction with their surgical results.

(On a side note, we should observe that an additional “bonus” for we surgeons  is that these Iranian women are generally so pleasant and so interesting –and fun–to work with, that this in some way also contributes to the success of these surgeries.)

— Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby Mayer

Rhinoplasty Surgeons Get Better With Age


Rhinoplasty surgeons should have a great deal of experience. They call it the “practice” of medicine for a reason. Rhinoplasty is probably the most difficult cosmetic procedure since it takes 1 year to see the final result of your work.There have been many surgeons who do outstanding work into their 80’s. It is not the hands that deteriorate with advanced age it would be the mind. If the surgeon is excellent he will keep this—if he doesn’t know who u r the day of surgery, u might want a different surgeon–just kidding!

Why do most surgeons have dissatisfied patients?


The best rhinoplasty surgeons have few if any “bad results”. Rather, they are results that the patient may feel are not “perfect”. In 35 years of performing rhinoplasty, I have found that many patients who I could only get “good” results on were happier than some patients that got a fabulous result. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the objective of the best surgeons is to try to find out what the PATIENT wants and not necessarily what the surgeon wants.

What Should I Expect at My Rhinoplasty Consultation?


Take full advantage of your Rhinoplasty consultation to answer all your questions and discuss your goals and expectations. Plan ahead. Make a list of your questions and explain what you don’t like and what changes you want.

The following is a list of questions most often asked by patients and advice on how to have a profitable meeting with your surgeon.

  1. What is your training and board certification (if this has not been checked before the consultation)?
  2. What is your experience with Rhinoplasty surgery?
  3. How long have you been doing the operation and how many do you perform each month?
  4. What percentage of your practice is Rhinoplasty surgery?
  5. What is the most common operation you do?
  6. Where do you perform the surgery?
  7. If not in a hospital, is the facility fully accredited?
  8. How often do you revise your own Rhinoplasty work?
  9. Is there an additional charge for your revision surgery?
  10. What percentage of your Rhinoplasty practice is devoted to revisions of other surgeon’s work?
  11. What would you do to improve my nose?
  12. What changes will you make?
  13. What kind of anesthesia do you use?
  14. Will you use the open or closed technique?
  15. If grafts are necessary, where are they harvested?
  16. Do you use my own tissue for grafts or synthetic material?
  17. How long will my surgery take?
  18. Will you pack my nose after surgery, for how long, and with what?
  19. Where do I stay the night after surgery?
  20. How long is my recovery? Please describe.
  21. Will my nasal breathing be better, worse or the same?
  22. What are the possible complications of my surgery?
  23. Do you provide instructions regarding pre and post operative activities, diet, and medications?
  24. How long before I see the results?
  25. Will you show me results of other patients like me?
  26. Will you review with me your goals and expectations of this surgery?

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