With age, facial volume decreases and a person’s facial skin often loses elasticity, especially within the cheeks. In today’s day and age, many people can correct this imperfection with the help of cheek implants or the injection of their own fat or fillers.

Available Techniques for Cheek Augmentation

Solid Silicone Implants: There are many sizes and shapes available. The malar implant will augment the cheek point. The submalar shape is used to improve the contour of the cheeks below the eyes. The combined implant will accomplish both.

The implants are placed through an incision in the mouth. Swelling is seen for 2-3 weeks after operation.

Fat Injection: The patient’s own fat is injected directly into the cheeks providing fullness, contour, and definition. This is less invasive than the implants but will not provide a permanent correction. Learn More.

Filler Injection: The most common fillers used to augment the cheeks are Voluma and Restylane Lift which are longer lasting hyaluronic acids but must be repeated about every 2 years. The is the least invasive technique. Learn More.

These are advantages and disadvantages of each approach. Consult with a surgeon who uses all of these techniques.