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Beverly Hills Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™

Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™  is a new revolutionary procedure pioneered by Triple Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian, at The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery.

What is Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™?

This revolutionary procedure is changing the way liposuction is performed and producing the most highly acclaimed results. “Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™” is the new, minimally invasive procedure, combining the most cutting-edge innovations in liposuction into one amazing procedure that yields remarkable effects.

What does Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™ do?

This procedure reduces ones size by removing and melting stubborn fat, at the same time inducing collagen retraction, skin tightening and overall tissue shrinkage. This innovative body reduction technique safely removes fat with minute incisions allowing for minimal down time. Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™ uses a “fat-melting” and “skin-tightening” FDA approved laser technology that provides astounding results. With Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™, once the fat cell is destroyed, it is gone forever!

How does Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™ work?

This advanced technique of liposculpting has a proven track record. It combines two of the most cutting-edge innovations in liposuction to produce amazing results without highly invasive surgery. Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™ has a significant advancement over first-generation traditional and laser liposuction technologies. Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™ specifically targets fat cells, vaporizing them and melting large pockets of fat to enhance results, something that traditional liposuction cannot promise. The skin-tightening component continues to work for months after your procedure, constantly improving your contour and producing tremendous tightening and shrinking of the skin, beyond the original laser liposuction technologies.

What is the recovery of Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™?

In some cases, traditional liposuction can result in patients experiencing prolonged downtime from work and other activities. Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™ selectively targets fat cells, leaving nerves and blood vessels undisturbed, so the recovery time of these procedures is a fraction of the recovery time of traditional liposuction. Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™ is the perfect option for patients living active lifestyles; most patients can resume normal daily activities within a day following their treatment. Imagine patients actually returning to work the next day with a “new body”!

What are the results of Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™?

Our patients are receiving astonishing results with Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™. Prior to this modern break-through technology most patients concerned with excess fat and loose skin of the abdomen would undergo a tummy tuck, taking weeks of recovery time and were left with large incisions to produce the same results. Now patients are achieving results of a slender flat and contoured tummy without the “hip to hip” incision and avoiding the long recovery period. Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™ is the most efficient way to lose inches and tighten skin without a long recovery. Most patients shrink three to four clothing sizes. This type of result is unheard of with such a minimally invasive procedure.

Patients concerned with their arms or “bat wings” are saying goodbye to loose saggy arms and are getting the results of an arm lift with a tiny hidden incision. Long obvious incisions are not needed for the Shrink-Wrap Arm Lift. The results of slim and toned arms are remarkable with this procedure.

Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™ is a more effective and safer way to eliminate unwanted deposits of fat from large areas, and allows patients to achieve dramatically improved results with a faster recovery than ordinary techniques.

What is the difference between Traditional Liposuction Vs. Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™?

Traditional Liposuction:

  • Only treats localized fat deposits.
  • Does not melt fat cells.
  • Does not induce collagen retraction.
  • Does not tighten the skin.
  • Does not shrink the tissue.
  • Does not cauterize blood vessels to minimize bruising, swelling and downtime.

Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™:

  • Treats stubborn localized fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Fat cells are liquefied, which makes them easier to remove and allowing for major fat reduction.
  • Melts and removes large amounts of unwanted fat while shrinking the surrounding skin.
  • Induces collagen retraction.
  • Contracts, tightens, and shrink-wraps the skin.
  • Provides desired results with minimal downtime.
  • Increases patient comfort and improves patient safety.

The Beverly Hills Institute utilizes Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™ for treatment of traditionally difficult areas:

  • Abdomen / Mommy Tuck
  • Love handles / Muffin Top
  • Back
  • Female bra-roll fat
  • Male breasts / Gynecomastia
  • Arms / Bat wings / Bingo arms
  • Thighs / Saddle bags / Banana roll fat
  • Knees

Contact Dr. Raffi Hovsepian at The Beverly Hills Institute to determine if you are a candidate for Shrink-Wrap Liposuction™.

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