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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are the perfect enhancement to accentuate your eyes! Sexy, glossy lashes are applied with a look that is tailored to give you just the right compliment to your individual features and eye shape. Choose more curled, lifted lashes, achieve an almond or more open shape, or just enjoy the look of thick, full, dark lashes without any fuss – morning or night!

Eyelash extensions are applied by bonding silk blend lash extensions to each of your individual lashes – totaling as many as 100 or more per eye! There is no need to even apply – or remove – mascara while you wear them, which saves you precious time everyday. They look gorgeous, and they are safe for your eyes. The lash extensions simply grow out and shed naturally with your own lashes.

Carefully chosen eyelash extensions and expert application guarantees that you will have beautiful lashes that always get you noticed – but never look fake!

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