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Many women have a large forehead secondary to a congenitally high hairline or a hairline that has been elevated after previous cosmetic surgery. Our hairline advancement procedure has been developed to lower that hairline and bring the proportions of the face into balance. With the aging process, the high hairline is accentuated giving women a balding/masculine appearance. The hairline advancement can be performed as an isolated procedure or at the same time as a hairline forehead/brow lift.

With this technique an incision is made within the hairline and the scalp advanced after mobilization of the hair bearing tissue. Hair follicles are buried under the skin closure at the completion of the operation so hair will grow through and in front of that line, giving patients total freedom of hair styling. In some instances where there is not enough elasticity in the scalp to provide adequate advancement, a Tissue Expander can be placed under the hair-bearing scalp. The Expander is slowly filled, and, over time, will stretch the scalp to provide the needed advancement of the hair-bearing scalp and lower the hairline. After several weeks, the Tissue Expander is removed and the hairline is advanced to its correct position, utilizing the camouflage incision at the hairline.

In male patients with a high hairline, hair replacement surgery is frequently necessary. If a male patient has good thick hair at the hairline, we can use the same techniques we described for women. However, if male pattern baldness progresses later in life, hair replacement surgery would be necessary.

Before and After Photos

Click here to see before and after photos of patients who have undergone hairline lowering in Beverly Hills: Hairline Lowering Photos

Our patient Myeisha talks about her hairline lowering experience: Myeisha

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