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Inspiration for “Brains & Beauty” Play, opening in Germany, April 2014

Dear Dr. Fleming and Dr. Mayer,
It was such a pleasure and inspiration to talk to you! As you can imagine, I was extremely busy with writing the play and staging it at the same time.

I used a lot of material that I got from our Interviews and it was really easy to do, with such good sources!

The reviews were very good and the shows were sold out so far, the audience is euphoric and cannot get enough of beauty talk.

I hope you both are very well and I hope we will meet soon again. Please let me know, whenever you travel to Germany, it would be so great, if you could see the play too.

Meanwhile I will attach some pictures of the play, to give you at least an optical impression.

Best regards from Berlin

Yours, Angela Richter


play2 play3 play4 play5 play6 play7 play8 play9