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  • Botox, parties and protests – the great Oscar end spurt
    zeit.de – de.nachrichten.yahoo.com – fnp.de – lr-online.de – noz.de
    (German Publications)
  • E! TV – Extreme Dr. 90210
    Watch Dr. Toby Mayer help Jamie to achieve her dream of looking like a real girl!
  • Hollywood’s Hottest Looks 2009
    Dr. Richard Fleming was featured on ABC’s “The List” Tuesday, December 23 discussing this year’s Hollywood’s Hottest Looks!
  • WebMD – Dermal Fillers
    Click here to read an article on WebMD with Dr. Toby Mayer’s view on news regarding dermal fillers
  • “THE VIEW”
    Click here to watch Dr. Fleming on ABC’s “The View” discussing “couples having Plastic Surgery”, with his patients, Carla and Rick.
    KTLA News featured Dr. Fleming performing an Endotine cheek lift on Wednesday, July 2nd at 10PM. Click here to watch the segment.
    In the month of May, Dr. Fleming was featured in a segment hosted by Marta Waller on HOW TO RECESSION-PROOF YOUR FACE.
  • Visit our blog! You can find the blog on the Hollywood’s Hottest Looks choice in our drop-down box under “In the Media”.
  • Doctors Fleming and Mayer make their Times Square debut!
  • Doctors Fleming and Mayer made their Big Apple debut on November 27, 2007 as they were seen on the Reuters “Digital Billboard” in Times Square!
  • The doctors were featured on the digital billboard along with their now famous Hollywood’s Hottest Looks blog as millions of New Yorkers passed by.
    On newstands December 6, 2007, Dr. Mayer discusses what a deviated septum is, in light of the fact that Ashley Tisdale – star of the popular “High School Musical” – recently told PEOPLE Magazine that she’d had nasal surgery because of a deviated septum.
  • Dr. Mayer was be featured on VH1 “Plastic Surgery Obsessions” November 26, 2007 from 6-7 p.m.
  • Life & Style Magazine –
    Dr. Fleming was featured in the November 15, 2007 issue, giving his professional opinion on whether Demi Moore and Nelly Furtado have had any plastic surgery.
  • Drs. Fleming and Mayer believe that our soldiers in Iraq are worthy of star treatment, so they have joined IRAQ STAR, a non-profit Foundation dedicated to providing reconstructive surgery to our Iraq War Veterans. Many thousands of wounded veterans have returned home, having received injuries that will require additional reconstructive surgery. Although the Veterans Administration provides prosthetic arms and legs, primary skin grafting for burn victims, and essential procedures to make the soldiers functional, they are stretched beyond their limits and aesthetic surgeries are not always offered. These are the scars from shrapnel wounds and burns that require additional scar revisions.
    The Iraq Star Foundation does not want these soldiers disfigured for the rest of their lives. It is the Foundations hope that reconstructive surgery will enable these soldiers to prepare for return to their prewar lives and enable them to heal from emotional trauma they endured. Surgeries will be provided from the roster of Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons, such as Drs. Fleming and Mayer.
    Each and every veteran should be treated like a STAR! For more information, please go to http://www.iraqstar.org/
    Watch for Dr. Mayer’s interview in an upcoming issue in December, 2007 . He was interviewed on his views regarding the plastic surgery pendulum swinging back to where “traditional” plastic surgery (i.e. facelifts, browlifts) is becoming more popular and more realistic than a quick fix.
    The Beverly Hills Institute has started their own blog in which we will be blogging about anything relevant that catches our interest! Find the blog by clicking on Hollywood’s Hottest Looks in the drop-down menu under “In The Media”.
  • Dr. Mayer featured on KTLA 5
    Dr. Toby Mayer rejuvenates the hands of a patient using her body fat.
    Air date Monday August 21 7:00am-9:00am
  • Dr. Richard Fleming on KTLA 5
    Dr. Fleming discusses Liposuction-Qualifications, & Training of doctors performing, PAL- Microaire Power Assisted Liposuction (Newest innovations in liposuction technique)
    Air date Monday August 21
  • Dr. Fleming featured on Extra
    Patient Christy wants a nose like Kate Beckinsale and lips like Hilary Swank. Air date August 8 @ 7:00PM on NBC. see before and after photos of Christy
  • Dr. Fleming featured on CNN-Headline News
    “Showbiz tonight” Celebrity Plastic Surgery. Air date August 8 @ 8:00PM PST (11:00PM EST)
  • Dr. Mayer and Dr. Fleming on the Today Show
    Dr. Mayer and Dr. Fleming will be appearing on NBC’s Today Show, discussing “Families Having Plastic Surgery.” Show to be announced.
  • Dr. Mayer and Dr. Fleming Featured in Los Angeles Times Article on “Cosmetic Couples”
    Couples are making a date for cosmetic surgery as men seek to stay in step with their transformed spouses. Read more about this new form of bonding!
  • Men’s Health looks into hair loss
    Men’s Health talks about the cure for hair loss developed by the surgeons at the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery.
  • L.A. Turns Green with Envy
    The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery now counts itself among the first to offer the exclusive Herbal Green Peel to its patients! The Green Peel is an all-natural, deep-peeling treatment that not only gives patients a more radiant complexion, but also is safe and free of any side effects.”The Green Peel is not a just a product, but a natural and scientifically developed skin regeneration process,” says Dr. Richard Fleming, M.D., co-director of The Beverly Hills Institute along with Toby Mayer, M.D. They are among the first doctors in the Los Angeles area to offer patients this breakthrough treatment. “It resurfaces the skin in a very natural way over a few days, which is less invasive on the skin.”After the relaxing treatment, patients are free to continue their normal activities. One to two days later, the old, unhealthy skin will begin to peel off. On the fifth day, a follow-up treatment takes place where any old skin is messaged away and several complimentary Green Peel products that also contain naturally active ingredients such as vitamins, plant hormones and enzymes are applied.This peel is ideal for everyone, men or women, whose skin appears tired and is beginning to wrinkle, as well as those with skin problems, such as dilated pores or acne.”Green Peel is just another safe and effective was for patients to reverse the signs of aging,” states Dr. Fleming. “After just one successful treatment, everyone is green with envy over our patients’ beautiful skin.”