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Hollywood’s Hottest Looks in 2004

“InStyle” Magazine, May 2004


fairest of them all

Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Richard W. Fleming polled over 1,500 clients for his seventh annual Hollywood’s Hottest Looks survey. Here are the standouts:

best skin

Hers is exactly what clients are looking for: “She has no wrinkles, no sagging and a glowing, even skin tone.”

best eyes

“I call these happy eyes,” says Fleming. “They’re rested and alert. She has the perfect almond shape with no bags.”

best hair

“She has a good hairline: not too high, not too low,” says Fleming. “Plus her hair is thick and healthy-looking.”

best lips

“God gave her the perfect shape, pout, fullness. It’s hard to mimic [with collagen] and won’t look natural on most.”