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Inside the World of… a Plastic Surgeon to the Stars


From Confessions insert – Cosmopolitan UK edition

A cosmetic surgeon at the Beverly Hills Institute in California, Dr. Toby Mayer has seen his share of celebs…

“You’d be amazed by the number of celebrities who’ve had plastic surgery, but if the surgeon is good, it won’t be obvious. I had one client – a famous actress who’s starred in hit US TV shows – who had her nose, chin and cheeks done without her father noticing! That’s why the stars say they owe everything to wheatgrass and alfalfa sprouts – surgery is still taboo.


“I sometimes have to charge more for celebrity clients because they’re more demanding. I’ve usually got about 10 photographers camped outside my surgery, and people don’t want to be seen coming in, so they’ll make appointments out of hours. I once had to fly to New York to consult with a member of Middle Eastern royalty because he didn’t want to come to Beverly Hills. And there was a time I went to a very famous actress’s ranch, where she told me she wanted a nose job. She was known at the time as the most beautiful woman in the world, and clients would come to me asking for her nose!

“I told her it was ridiculous and eventually persuaded her not to have anything done. If I don’t think someone should have surgery, I’ll tell them. I stand to lose money if I don’t operate, so if I’m telling you not to have an operation, you should listen. But lots of clients will simply go and find a less scrupulous surgeon and get it done anyway. The biggest star in the world once came to me wanting surgery. I told him he’d look worse if he went ahead with it. When he found someone who’d do it – more than once – he looked terrible.

“I’ll always turn down clients with unrealistic expectations – women often say they want a completely flat stomach, but you’re supposed to have a rounded tummy. I see women whose thighs are so thin you could drive a truck between them, yet they still want liposuction. Mothers will bring their daughters in for nose jobs, but when I ask the daughter what she dislikes about her nose, she’ll say, ‘nothing’.

“The movie industry makes people do strange things. It’s not just women who come to me – plenty of male celebrities are bald underneath the hair transplants I’ve given them. But you have to choose your surgeon very carefully. One Beverly Hills doctor was sued for a seven-figure sum by his own brother after botched surgery left him disabled. You should check out the work that person’s done before. And if a doctor looks like a used-car salesman, run.”