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Meg & Tom FACE-OFF!

From Star Magazine, March 31, 2008

Fresh-faced Meg Ryan first starred with Tom Hanks nearly two decades ago… is Meg trying too hard to keep time from taking its toll?

It’s been 18 years since Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks first starred together in Joe Versus the Volcano, and although Tom looks every bit of his 51 years, Meg has miraculously turned back the clock. At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on March 10, her face looked frozen in time. So has Meg discovered the fountain of youth? Not exactly. Star spoke to two plastic surgeons who both agree that 46-year-old Meg appears to have had help from a surgeon’s scalpel.

“It looks like she’s had ongoing Botox, because her forehead is so smooth,” says Chicago cosmetic surgeon Greg Weiner, M.D. “I also think she may have had a mini face-lift, because her face looks really tight for a woman her age. Furthermore, it appears she’s had injections in her lips, like Juvéderm, to make them look fuller.”

And that’s not all. Beverly Hills-based Toby Mayer, M.D., believes Meg may have had two peels – a light one in 2002 and a chemical peel recently. But he says Meg made the mistake of not doing the same for her neck, because “the skin doesn’t match.”

But all the time and money Meg’s put into her appearance may have done more harm than good, says Dr. Weiner. “She’s injected too much into her face. She’s lost the natural look she once had.”


Fresh-faced Tom and Meg starred in the comedy Joe Versus the Volcano, the first of three movies they made together. In the film, the two fall in love just before Joe, who thinks he’s dying, is about to sacrifice himself by jumping into a volcano.

The pair made movie magic in Sleepless in Seattle, about two people on opposite sides of the country looking for love on a national radio show.

Although Meg proclaimed in 1997 that she was wary of plastic surgery, a year later when she starred with Tom in You’ve Got Mail, it seems she started getting Botox and collagen injections, says Dr. Weiner. “Her face looks like it was losing its volume.”

Meg’s once adorable girl-next-door looks changed – drastically – according to Dr. Mayer. “Of all the photos, this is when I see one of the biggest changes. What sticks out is the smoothness of her skin. When you age, you get lines on your face, and Meg doesn’t have any.” And Tom may have had work, too! Dr. Mayer thinks he could have had a hair transplant around this time.

Meg was almost unrecognizable when she and Tom attended the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on March 10. “Her forehead and the area around her eyes are frozen,” says Dr. Weiner. And her Joker lips “look very unnatural,” he adds.