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These stars are nip/tuck inspiration

From Life & Style Magazine, February 18, 2008

Those eyes! That nose! A new survey shows which leading ladies have the most asked-for features in Hollywood


Most Coveted Nose:
In a Hollywood Hottest Looks survey from the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, co-creator Dr. Richard Fleming found that rhinoplasty ($8,000) patients want a nose like 28-year-old Katherine Heigl’s. “People want her strong, well-defined, shapely nose,” he says.

Sought-After Skin:
Heiress Paris Hilton, 26, hit the jackpot with her priceless skin. “The texture is clean and smooth,” says Dr. Fleming. “It looks moist but not oily.” Depending on comlexion, Dr. Fleming says facials, macrodermabrasion, lasers and peels (full-face procedures that cost up to $6,500) can go a long way toward making a person’s skin as pretty as Paris’.

Most Copied Cheeks:
Kate Bosworth, 25, is a classic beauty thanks to her candy-apple cheeks. “Round cheeks give a youthful look and accentuate the eyes,” says Dr. Fleming. “They’re one of the most important features in choosing beauty.” No wonder people pay up to $5,000 for implants and up to $6,500 for cheek lifts to copy Kate’s look.

Often Asked-For Eyes:
She’s mom to a toddler, but you’d never know it looking at Katie Homes’ 29-year-old eyes. They seem well-rested. “People don’t want to look tired,” Dr. Fleming says. “Katie’s eyes look happy – and they’re perfectly almond-shaped.” Others could achieve Katie’s coveted look by tightening the structure of the upper and lower eyelids ($7,500).

Most Desired Jaw:
“I’ve always liked my neck and collarbone area,” Tyra Banks, 34, has said. Apparently others admire it, too! “Tyra’s jawline and chin are strong,” Dr. Fleming says about the highly requested area. People even resort to $3,500 chin implants to achieve the same supermodel-worthy structure, says Dr. Fleming.

Most Requested Pout:
It’s no surprise that people aspire to have lips like 32-year-old Angelina Jolie’s. “They want that fullness,” explains Dr. Fleming of Angie’s well-proportioned kisser. “They don’t want trout lips.” Injectables like $650-a-pop Restylane or fat transfers ($2,000) can help plump lips just the right amount for a person’s face, he says.