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Oxygen Treatments and Healing Skin


Oxygen facials have come a long way since Madonna made them famous as the Red Carpet must-have treatment

Oxygen is central to life, health, and beauty. The element has been a mainstay of skin care for ages – whether it is being harnessed in Benzoyl Peroxide formulation to target p. acne bacteria or carried internally to nourish cells by stimulating the skin via massage, peels, or exfoliants. Healthy skin depends on it.

Oxygen machines harness these benefits and multiply them exponentially. The machines concentrate oxygen in the air to very high levels, and then push it deep into the skin. This nourishes the tissue immensely. Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes – or even light peeling chemicals – are added into the pressurized air flow to deliver powerful stuff into active layers of the skin.

Oxygen facial treatments boast instant plumping and stimulating effects, because they fill the skin “to max capacicty” with healthy hydrators and antioxidants. Their real power is in accelerating the road to new, healthy skin. This makes them a perfect finish to dermaplanes, microdermabrasions and peels – guaratneeing fast, flawless healing.