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Every person who chooses to have cosmetic surgery has his or her own unique set of reasons for making this important decision that will ultimately affect their entire life. Dr. Fleming and Dr. Mayer have probably heard almost every possible reason in the last 25 years in practice. They have performed surgery on individuals from all walks of life. From celebrities to musicians, from executives to firefighters, from lawyers to housewives. There is the bride who wants the security of knowing that everyone is looking at her and thinking “isn’t she just beautiful” – not “boy, does she need a nose job.” Then there is the executive who finds himself competing with younger and younger talent every day and wants to look as young as he feels inside. There is the young computer whiz that suddenly finds himself going bald and panicking at the thought of looking like his father before he is thirty. There is that 50-year old wife and mother who just sent the last child off to college and is ready to start a new phase of her life, but looks like she is tired all the time.

Choose one of the personal stories listed here and read about one of the many satisfied patients of Dr. Mayer and Dr. Fleming. Who knows, maybe their story will sound familiar to you!

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Estheticians Testimonials

I was in search of a professional skin care esthetician, and much by chance fell into the very able hands of Jaclyn Welcher. From that very first encounter, Jaclyn has shown acute skills and knowledge in skin care, unparalleled customer satisfaction and above all, an evident passion for what she does. I have never since trusted my skin care to anyone else, knowing that Jaclyn is privy to the latest in skin care technique & products, making the care for me and my skin a top priority. I always look forward to my appointments with her knowing I’m receiving the highest level of service and attention to detail the industry has to offer. I recommend her to anyone in search for that exceptional, reliable esthetician they, like I had, hope to finally find. – ER

My skin really benefited beautifully from the Microdermabrasion treatment! It was all new to me, and I didn’t know what to expect, except I knew I had to do something to revitalize my skin! Your Microdermabrasion treatments gave me that refreshing boost I needed! You took your time during each treatment, and never made me feel rushed. Treatments were my “time just for myself to rejuvenate my mind and body” and I felt great when I would leave. With each treatment, you can see and feel the amazing results! I feel like I can sit and meet with anyone, and not worry about what I look like, especially close up!!! Thank you, Vanessa! And thank you for your genuine care and attention to specific concerns I had. I will definitely see you soon!! – RS, Actress

I completely trust Jaclyn with my skin. She is extremely well trained in every aspect of skin care including medical strength chemical peels. This is not the normal run of the mill facial. Each time I have an appointment, she addresses exactly what is happening with my skin at that moment. It’s never the same. Everything is always customized for my specific need. Working in the film industry is demanding, and everyone expects you to look good all the time. I’ve turned most of my friends on the skin care at the Beverly Hills Institute. Jaclyn is very simply, amazing. – A

“Vanessa was able to look at my face and know exactly what procedures would be best for me – and she was able to explain everything that would be done in a way which was reassuring and understandable. Aside from her knowledge, her compassion and sensitivity to my skin issues has really made me a huge fan.” – MM, Filmaker

I never thought that skin care could give me such dramatic results in three treatments. My skin has literally never looked better. I’ve tried for 10 years to fix my skin problems and Vanessa did it in 3 treatments.” – JB, hair stylist

I’m writing to tell you about our first experience at your office. I brought my daughter in to have her eye brows waxed and we saw Jaclyn. Jaclyn is so professional, knowledgeable and personable. She was concerned about waxing my daughter that day because she just had her wisdom teeth out and was on a medication that could effect her waxing that day. I was impressed with her knowledge and she made excellent recommendations to also help my daughter reduce swelling from her procedure. I would definitely come back again and request Jaclyn. Sincerely, – J &HJ

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