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Patient Experiences

Every person who chooses to have cosmetic surgery has his or her own unique set of reasons for making this important decision that will ultimately affect their entire life. Dr. Fleming and Dr. Mayer have probably heard almost every possible reason in the last 25 years in practice. They have performed surgery on individuals from all walks of life. From celebrities to musicians, from executives to firefighters, from lawyers to housewives. There is the bride who wants the security of knowing that everyone is looking at her and thinking “isn’t she just beautiful” – not “boy, does she need a nose job.” Then there is the executive who finds himself competing with younger and younger talent every day and wants to look as young as he feels inside. There is the young computer whiz that suddenly finds himself going bald and panicking at the thought of looking like his father before he is thirty. There is that 50-year old wife and mother who just sent the last child off to college and is ready to start a new phase of her life, but looks like she is tired all the time.

Choose one of the personal stories listed here and read about one of the many satisfied patients of Dr. Mayer and Dr. Fleming. Who knows, maybe their story will sound familiar to you!

Patient stories and pictures

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Fleming is an awesome person. He explains everything completely as does Maria his assistant. I worked in surgery for years as a PA and Dr. Fleming’s pre-op and post-op care is superior to any I have ever seen or experienced. That is why he’s considered one of the top surgeons in the world. E.R.

To Dr. Mayer, Sharron and Francis

It is always wonderful to see all of you and I sincerely appreciate your kind words and wisdom. All of us sometimes have our down days, but when I come up there for checkups and with concerns, I especially want Dr. Mayer to know that I listen and hang onto all of his and Francis’s wonderful words of wonderful and thoughtful wisdom.

I really do cherish all of the amazing work that Dr. Mayer has performed for me and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. I have come to think of Dr. Mayer as a father figure as much as I do as being both my doctor and friend.

Sometimes we grow impatient with our own often selfish desires for overall improvement in our appearance and all to often reject the thoughts of natural signs of aging. Dr. Mayer has a unique way of bringing proper amounts of down to earth wisdom into perspective regarding turning back the wonders of time, which is another one of his most valuable traits of professional and personable skills along with him being an incredibly talented and amazing surgeon. I really do appreciate this in Dr. Mayer and wish everyone felt this just as much. Most notably appreciated is his passionate care and vast informative perspectives when he addresses any desires, anticipations, inquiries and overall concerns I might have. He certainly brings a wonderful smile to my face when ever I consult and discuss any possibilities with him.

Sharron, it is always so wonderful to see you. You always look so amazing and bring with you the fresh feeling of springtime regardless of the time of year. Whenever I come up there for checkups and to discuss things with Dr. Mayer, I never feel that my visit is complete until I have seen you, your welcoming spirit, kind heart and sweetest smile.

As well, I always appreciate the time spent with Francis who discusses and assists me in the moderation my thoughts regarding any desirable and plausible objectives which might best meet most effectively the possible methods of reaching any future goals of personal care.

I am truly fortunate and happy to be considered as family with all of you…



I’m totally thrilled with the results from my hairline brow lift by Dr. Fleming. This man is not only an excellent physician who inspires confidence, he’s an artist. I used to sit at my desk and when I was tired, would literally hold my brow up. The weight of my forehead was too much for me. I talked about having it done for years. Drs. Fleming and Mayer originated and developed the hairline brow procedure and I couldn’t be happier – they’re the best! My results speak for themselves. I look the same but way better, I can feel my actual brow bone for the first time in my life, I no longer feel the strain of the weight of my forehead on my face, and I can see better. Literally, my peripheral vision has improved because my brow is not impeding my vision. A totally unexpected bonus. Who knew? Win win win.

Let’s just say the level and quality of service at Dr. Flemings office was undeniably amazing at all levels. For those of you, who are looking at this, I can reassure you that he will give you nothing but the best results for this procedure. He is truly an artist and knows what would make you look your best based on the dimensions of your face. The results were better than I expected. My husband (USC alumni), even thinks Dr. Fleming is not just an amazing Doctor, but an all around amazing human/ person…despite his Notre Dame heritage. Lol.

From the time I stepped into the doctor’s office until the day I left I was in constant contact with him–He makes himself fully accessible, which is extremely important. In addition to his top notch professionalism, he is funny and personable. But most importantly, he too cares about the way you look. He wants you to look YOUR best. And let me tell you, the care and results I received was outstanding. I asked for a positive change and that’s what I got. He is truly a talented and skilled surgeon. I couldn’t be happier with my results. His staff were AMAZING– very friendly, knowledgable and helpful which added to my overall great experience. I believe Dr. Fleming will always do what is in the best interest of his patients. I love my results and have supreme confidence to highly recommend him. He explained everything about my procedure and what to expect during my recovery. His care was more than adequate– I saw him the day I left surgery, he contacted me that night to see how I was doing and even provided me with three follow-up appointments. I will definitely be back to see him in the future. Therefore, I truly believe in him, highly recommend him, and am honored to know Dr. Fleming.

I have always been self-conscious of my forehead. Thanks to the procedure I am in love with the way I look now. It’s how I have always imagined myself to look. Dr. Fleming gave me a new lease on life. I enjoy the wind now instead of fearing it, which is simple but amazing for me. My only fear during the whole process was that I might regret how I looked after. There are no regrets except maybe not doing this sooner. I use to hate going outside because I knew I’d have to spend a long time getting my hair ready or opt for my many assortment of hats, headbands and scarves I’ve collected over the years. The staff were very friendly and encouraging which I needed. Dr. Fleming is professional and skilled and overall a great surgeon. Everyone truly cares for you and are looking out for your best interests. At least that’s how I felt. Thank you Maria! If you are looking to have this procedure done and have questions the staff is there to answer them.

I am really fortunate for finding Dr. Richard W. Fleming. DR. Fleming’s knowledge and excellent techniques changed my life. Whole stuff is super friendly and helpful at any time.

Loved Dr. Fleming and not only would I come back to him but I would and have recommended him to others. He is truly a caring and professional Doctor.

Dr. Fleming puts you at ease as soon as you meet him. He is very confident and has so much experience, but he really takes the time to explain everything, answer all questions (no matter how trivial), and reassure his patients (in my experience so far). Any time I am anxious about my upcoming rhinoplasty, I read his comments here on Real Self and am reassured and confident in my choice of surgeon!

Dr. Fleming is an artist and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a rhinopasty revision. He does awesome tip and graft work! He is simply amazing I’m SO glad I chose him!!!

Really Wow… My Surgeon is Like Michelangelo – I Had a VERY Difficult Nose.

It is almost 2 years post op. I am so glad that I did this. Dr Fleming is a real artist and he gave me a beautiful nose. 🙂

I no longer feel uggly or embarrased to have my picture taken – Excellent Doctor. – M.R.

Dr. Fleming is amazing. Many years ago I had my nose done and the results were horrible, it took me a long time to trust another surgeon. Now i not only feel great but I look great. Thank you doctor Fleming you have changed my life.

Dr. Fleming was an excellent Dr. He explained that I didn’t need another rhinoplasty. All I needed was a rim graft. I was very excited to hear this as I was concerned and scared that a revision rhinoplasty would have made it worst. I didn’t want to change my whole nose I just wanted my nostrils to be symmetrical. His staff are also great people. They actually care and will make you feel very comfortable. I wish I had gone with Dr. Fleming for my first surgery as I am very confident I wouldn’t have had to gone again.

This man is not only an excellent doctor, but an artist. Kindly, good natured, and experienced, Dr. Fleming revised my disaster of a nose with deft precision, and turned my deformed, unattractive feature into a very beautiful, natural looking nose. He was honest, communicated his thoughts candidly to me, and he listened to my concerns with an open mind. Though very professional, his demeanor makes a patient comfortable and he’s easy to communicate with. His revision must have been complex, but still the result is a beautiful nose, better than I could possibly have expected. Im so pleased with it, and am delighted to say that my experience there was excellent in all regards. His office is knowledgeable so that everything went smoothly before and after the surgery too, and they couldnt have been nicer. Dr. Fleming combined new techniques with his meticulous old school experience, which is comforting for a patient like me, facing surgery. His follow up care was conscientious and he has a genuine concern for his patients, our well being, and our results. I was in very good hands here; I’m thankful to him and his office and grateful for his work.

I was unhappy with some signs of aging and pinned down a root cause of what was aging all of the other young looking features on my face. So I narrowed it down to the nasolabial folds. Dr. Fleming knew excellent techniques to keep the area from bruising which was great experience for me. Im very happy with the outcome. Dr. Fleming answered all my questions and concerns.

Dr. Fleming is AMAZING! He is an Artist !! I had rhinoplasty with chin augmentation and LOVE it!!!! He took time to explain the entire procedure and answered every question I had, I knew I could trust him and am glad I did! He did an AMAZING job exceeded my expectations! I love my new nose and how defined my chin is now. Recovery was a breeze thanks to Dr. Fleming and his staff, MARIA was AMAZING as well she took such good care of me 🙂 went over and beyond her job responsibilities, I was given VIP treatment from start to finish. They take time in caring for patients unlike other surgeons. I highly recommend Dr. Fleming.

Aestheticians Testimonials

I was in search of a professional skin care esthetician, and much by chance fell into the very able hands of Jaclyn Welcher. From that very first encounter, Jaclyn has shown acute skills and knowledge in skin care, unparalleled customer satisfaction and above all, an evident passion for what she does. I have never since trusted my skin care to anyone else, knowing that Jaclyn is privy to the latest in skin care technique & products, making the care for me and my skin a top priority. I always look forward to my appointments with her knowing I’m receiving the highest level of service and attention to detail the industry has to offer. I recommend her to anyone in search for that exceptional, reliable esthetician they, like I had, hope to finally find. – ER

I completely trust Jaclyn with my skin. She is extremely well trained in every aspect of skin care including medical strength chemical peels. This is not the normal run of the mill facial. Each time I have an appointment, she addresses exactly what is happening with my skin at that moment. It’s never the same. Everything is always customized for my specific need. Working in the film industry is demanding, and everyone expects you to look good all the time. I’ve turned most of my friends on the skin care at the Beverly Hills Institute. Jaclyn is very simply, amazing. – A

I’m writing to tell you about our first experience at your office. I brought my daughter in to have her eye brows waxed and we saw Jaclyn. Jaclyn is so professional, knowledgeable and personable. She was concerned about waxing my daughter that day because she just had her wisdom teeth out and was on a medication that could effect her waxing that day. I was impressed with her knowledge and she made excellent recommendations to also help my daughter reduce swelling from her procedure. I would definitely come back again and request Jaclyn. Sincerely, – J &HJ