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Facelift & Eyelids – Life Changing

I did it because i looked much older than i felt. i don’t have that feeling any more! i feel fantastic.

Being in the public eye, i was always very self conscience about my chin–or lack of one. i knew  with age that it was only going to get worse.  i was also tired of people telling me i looked tired when i was not.  in my early 40’s my chin was almost blending into my neck. Few profile photos of me exist as i was constantly aware of cameras and always made sure my chin was resting, somehow, in my hand. it was exhusting.  i did see one though and i was HORRIFIED.  i looked 40 from the front but well over 55 from the side. I asked my esthetician (who sees the skin of some of hollywood’s most beutiful women, close up every day) for the name of the best facial plastic surgeon she knew of.  The one who left no visable scars and the most natural results.  She gave me Dr Flemings name and i have not had one regret.

After my face lift and the removal of the bags under my eyes i felt like a new woman.  8 or so years later i still look and feel great. I thought i  needed a brow lift last year but instead, Dr Fleming told me that with my already high forehead, the better option was a forehead reduction, which i had never heard of.  The results are amazing.  Here i am almost 10 years later and eventully i imagine i will need a minor nip tuck and there really is only one Dr i will go back to when the time comes.