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Letter of the Month

The Doctors and Staff of The Beverly Hills Institute wish to thank all of our patients who were kind enough to send letters and emails keeping in touch with us and sharing feedback on their procedures. The following are actual client communications, reprinted with permission.

July 24, 2013

To Everyone at the Beverly Hills Institute,

I just wanted to thank everyone who made my recent surgery such an amazing experience. Dr. Mayer and Dr. Hovsepian are truly aesthetic masters of their surgical crafts. Sharon, Francis and Brandy are absolute sweethearts, and after corresponding for months before surgery, it was so great to finally meet them.

My facial surgery with Dr. Mayer, including voice modification, is nothing short of a miracle for me! It’s been only a week since surgery, and already my incision areas are healing nicely. The most noticeable is located under my nose from having a lip lift, but saying most noticeable means it’s located in a very obvious and focal point of the face. The scar itself is barely noticeable, and, again, it’s only been one week since surgery. Every day it diminishes more and more. I’m still amazed at how well Dr. Mayer was able to explain the procedures performed and his amazing skill took care to make sure they were done even better than I had expected. He is a very warm, funny and energetic person who I could tell absolutely loved to make sure that his work was complete perfection. I was initially nervous about his ability to successfully perform my vocal surgery, but he assured me I’d be fine, and he was completely right! I called my brother once I returned home to let him know I was back, and he actually thought he was talking with my sister! I cannot thank Dr. Mayer enough for his care and expertise during surgery.

My breast augmentation with Dr. Hovsepian was also an amazing experience. Before deciding to have my breast work done with him, I researched his former client experiences extensively, and all gave him rave reviews. I soon learned that each rave review is very well deserved. Besides being a very caring and down-to-earth person, he explained the procedure in complete detail, and took extreme pride and care in making sure that my implants matched my body frame perfectly. I had originally planned on getting my implants locally, but after seeing his former client reviews and then actually consulting with him, I realized I had made the absolute best decision to get my augmentation with Dr. Hovespian. His vast experience with trans-women, and the special nuances that differ from genetic women, were apparent within the first few minutes of our first consultation. I had done vast amounts of research on breast augmentations and my biggest worry was trauma caused by surgeons who didn’t take care to make precise incisions during the operation, but Dr. Hovsepian explained his extremely precise technique that he used and although I had some pain after surgery, which is always normal, it was never unbearable thanks to his precision and patience during surgery. I had very high hopes that my breasts would look good, but when I first saw them after surgery, I was absolutely floored by the extreme skill he used during surgery. My breasts look truly amazing. In fact, they’re perfect.

In all, I had orbital bony contouring with brow lift, nasal/labial fold grafting, upper lip lift with fat augmentation, chin contouring, “Adam’s apple” shave, voice modification and breast augmentation. To say I was in surgery for quite some time would be an understatement, but my family who were there told me that throughout the surgery, they were constantly updated on my progress. I didn’t have much, if any complications, but surgery took an extremely long time because both surgeons were making sure that they did everything perfectly. In fact, I believe surgery lasted a couple of hours longer than expected, and I’m so grateful that each cared so much to make sure that my results were perfect.

Besides the amazing work of both Dr. Mayer and Dr.Hovsepian, both surgeons’ nursing assistants were just as great. Francis, who is Dr. Mayer’s nurse, removed my stitches the Monday after surgery, and she did a wonderful job. My stitches from the facial surgery were pretty extensive, but she took so much care in removing them that most times I could hardly tell when she was removing them. She genuinely cared to make sure they were removed as painlessly as possible. Dr. Hovespian’s assistant, Brandy, stayed late with us the day before surgery and she was so great at calming some of my nerves about the next morning’s surgery. It was my first time having any type of major surgery, but she is so much of a relaxing person, that when it was time for surgery the next morning, I was rearing to go!

Although I currently live 2,000 miles away from both doctor’s offices, I definitely plan on making a trip back to the Beverly Hills Institute after my university graduation this fall just to say hello and to catch up with everyone now that I feel like I’m part of a very special family I’ve come to know. I can’t thank you guys and gals enough! My life has completely changed thanks to you and I’m so grateful to have met you all.

As soon as I’ve completely healed, I will send new photos of me, so that not only you will see the end result of your amazing work, but for others to see as well. It can be very difficult for a person who transitions to see that they can also be the beautiful person they want to be, and that included me. There is one special person who made me realize this and it was through her that I got to know both Dr.’s Mayer and Dr. Hovsepian and everyone at the Beverly Hills Institute. Sharon has told me that she will pass along my admiration and thanks to that lovely person (who has no idea of who I am), and I hope that one day, my own experience can do the same for others.

Love All Of You!


February 15, 2012

Dear doctor,

I am not sure if after my previous visits and procedures through the five years at your office; I have taken the time to write of the most “Extraordinary”, “Professional” and I must say “Excellence”, in the work I have chosen to have done in keeping myself looking and feeling good, as I have grown older through the years.

I remember first meeting Dr. Fleming and your incredible friendly staff some ten years ago now. Your kindness and understanding in what I wanted as a patient, blended with your professional opinion of how much or how little, turned out to be the perfect balance in my appearance as an aging male was right on, and for that I thank you.

Through the years I have come to not only trust you, but to know you and depend on further advice from you, in keeping myself looking and feeling great. Your staff is rally exceptional. Sharon is informative and detailed, quite the beautiful lady, as well as the girls at the front desk. Maria your assistant is the same and a true gem. I believe its Gordon the anesthetist is also detailed, informative and has great follow up, and just a great guy.

I am the kind of person that always likes to look as good as possible as I get older, without looking not natural or looking too perfect. I, like most people always like to feel great about myself inside and out.

I send the best to you Dr. Fleming, and all the staff that keeps your success machine turning and working. Continued good health, happiness in this great life, and I wish you well always.

Warm Regards,


October 25, 2011

Dear Dr. Mayer:

Please accept our company’s formal “Thank You” for the assistance you provided aboard your recent flight. We are all grateful that you were on board and freely offered your medical expertise when it was needed most. Without a doubt, you greatly improved a difficult situation.

We wanted you to know how much your efforts were appreciated — and that we look forward to serving you again soon. It will be our privilege to welcome you aboard American when your plans call for travel by air.


Thomas N. Bettes, M.D., M.P.H.
Director, Medical and
Occupational Health Services

Sent: 6/21/2011 9:51:08 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subject: oh happy day…a note of gratitude to Dr. Mayer and staff

Procedure: Revision Rhinoplasty

Dear Dr. Mayer,

I am profoundly happy and relieved with the results of your artistry with my nose..it seems like the last few years have been so brutal, each day a reminder of the botched job done to the center of my face; I can now put that sorrow behind me and look to the future with promise.

I can’ t begin to express my appreciation to you.. Out of all the many doctors (at least thirty) who I sought help from, you were the only one who suggested and executed the correct approach;

Last Wednesday on your operating table, your excellence, and unwavering confidence made me realize that I was truly in the best of hands.

Thank you and your wonderful staff for helping to restore what I thought was lost forever..