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Rhinoplasty Revision – Jason

Several years ago I suffered a severe nose fracture which left my nose horribly disfigured and made it incapable for me to breathe through my right nostril. As the years went by, my breathing became so unbearable that I decided to seek treatment from a doctor here in my Midwest state to improve my breathing. I had a septoplasty which corrected my breathing but did nothing to change the shape of my crooked, misshapen nose. Although I could now breathe again, I couldn’t smile without looking ugly, scary, and hideous. I LITERALLY looked like a cartoon character with a disproportionate-sized nose. A few more years passed until I decided I wanted to have a rhinoplasty revision to bring back that smile I used to have before my nose was broken. After spending weeks researching surgeons both here in my Midwestern state and in California, I came across Dr. Richard Fleming’s profile through realself.com. After reading his reviews from previous patients and learning that Dr. Fleming was rated the best plastic surgeon in Hollywood by thecelebworth.com, I felt that he was the most qualified and experienced surgeon to solve my nose crisis.

After a few emails back and forth, I scheduled a Skype session in order to see if Dr. Fleming could correct my fractured nose. During our Skype session, Dr. Fleming not only assured me that my nose could be treated, but he explained everything he would do to fix my nose and improve my facial features. From what I can remember, the surgery involved removing the “parrot beak” tip from my nose, shortening and narrowing my entire nose, fixing the crookedness in my nose, and elongating the top of my nose (the bridge, I think) to push my nose forward in order to make it look more masculine and thus more cosmetically appealing.

Every step that Dr. Fleming explained to me was so technical and professional that I knew he was the right person to treat my nasal dilemma and decided to fly out to L.A. for the surgery. Right before the surgery I started to get cold feet and have second thoughts about the surgery thinking that this was crazy to spend so much money on a cosmetic surgery and that my nose wouldn’t look any better than it already was. Well, it has now been 3 ½ months since the surgery, and I am so glad I went through with the rhinoplasty revision!!!!! Usually people have to wait a few months in order to start to see the results from the surgery, but I immediately noticed a difference in my facial features as soon as I awoke from the operating table. To me that shows just how much I was in need of a rhinoplasty surgery. Anyways, my face looks so much better and more handsome than before and it is all thanks to Dr. Richard Fleming. I am no longer scared to smile, I have gained my confidence back, and I feel both handsome on the inside and outside. Although Dr. Fleming is not the cheapest surgeon out there, I assure you he is worth EVERY PENNY. Dr. Richard Fleming and his entire staff at the Beverly Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery are not only outstanding and highly skilled at their jobs, but they treat you like a celebrity and provide you with the utmost care and service. To sum things up, Dr. Fleming is the surgeon for you if you want the best guaranteed nose job. If Dr. Fleming or any of his staff are reading this, Jason thanks you for everything you have done for me and I will forever be in your debt.