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Rhinoplasty Revision x3

I previously underwent a rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty by a “renowed” revision rhinoplasty specialist in the Beverly Hills area who is all over tv… both surgeries left my nose worse and worse. I ended up in debt and still unhappy – or rather MORE unhappy than I was with my original nose.

After I got my finances back in order and after extensive research and consultations I decided to go with Dr. Richard Fleming in Beverly Hills. Not only does he have 40 years of experience, but he in an ENT and actually listened to what I didn’t like. Strange but a lot of doctors didn’t even inspect me nor did they seem to really listen to what I didn’t like about my nose.

I even went back to my original doctor to clear up the infection that I had in my nose from the graft work – and he looked at me like I was crazy when I stated I was not happy with the two surgery outcomes.

I went to see Dr. Fleming last year and he sat and listened to me, he sat me in front of an angled mirror and let me point out every little thing I wanted improved. He inspected me closely then sat back and told me what he could do and what he couldn’t do. I was a special case since my previous doctor left a hole in my septum and I had the previous operations..

Dr. Fleming went into detail about his experience and education, and I went in for 2 more consults with him before I decided to book my surgery. Dr. Fleming and his staff are excellent. They treated me wonderfully and the outcome was better then I possibly thought it could look. I wish I had only gone to him in the first place!

Dr. Fleming is a true specialist – he is an artist and he made my ugly nose into a great looking nose! I can hardly believe it – after 39 years of hating my nose – I finally can look at a picture of myself and like it! It looks great from all angles – and he did just what I wanted and more. And I’m only 6 days post op!

Thank you Dr. Fleming – and his assistant Maria! Wonderful staff and a great experience. I would highly suggest this doctor to anyone who is looking for a rhinoplasty revision.