After doing the research for Hairline Lowering Surgery I came up with the Top 3 which were in Oakland and 2 in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Toby Mayer is famous and has done Hairline Lowering over the past 20 years. I did my research and Dr. Mayer was on my list to have a consultation with.

On my 1st visit with Dr. Toby in Beverly Hills, I found it to be pleasant because parking was not an issue since you get the first two hours of free parking. The building is a little out of date, but the interior is wonderful and made me feel like I’m in great hands. Veronica was able to accommodate me with the date and the time for my appointment and was very nice.

I have to admit that when I walked into the meeting I had a little negative voice in my head regarding his temper that was mentioned on the negative review. Turns out he’s not bad at all, not sweet like candy either but very professional and on point. He came into the meeting with an operation gown which I found kind of sexy:). Dr. Toby got right to the point.

His suture closing technique is beyond the best.

He and his partner, Dr. Richard Fleming, invented the flap procedure which saves hair follicles and place them under the scar so when the wound heals there is hair growing up through it after, which I found every surgeon seemed to claim is the technique they perform. But after comparing suture to suture, scar to scar, result to result, I was sold on Dr. Toby right then.

Sharon, the coordinator lady, is what I call the “magic lady “. You can email her as much as you want or need and she will answer all your questions. Sharon answered every single one of my emails and returned every phone call. Sharon is a doll and extremely helpful.

Dr. Toby Mayer’s nurse – Let me tell you – If Dr. Toby is my God, then Francis would be my Angel. She made things much easier for me by answering a lot of questions I forgot to ask Dr. Toby. She is comforting and made the whole experience pleasant.

I’m writing this review my 2 weeks of post op with a smile on my face and the results are way more than I have expected and paid for. Let me tell you Dr. Toby is beyond a perfectionist and his sutures are speechless – perfect, perfect, perfect! I’ve been trying to find something wrong since the surgery but I cannot find one. I’m telling you “if God created the world then Dr. Mayer is the creator of Beauty “!





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