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About Jaclyn

Jaclyn Welcher

Jaclyn Welcher

Jaclyn learned the importance of skin care at the young age of 14, when she began getting facials. Learning good skin care habits early on had contributed to her excitement for all things skin!After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree from Siena College in upstate New York in 1998, Jaclyn began a career in publishing in Los Angeles. After a few years in the corporate world, Jaclyn felt compelled to follow her passion for skin care. She moved to Manhattan and trained at the esteemed Atelier Esthetique, where she graduated at the top of her class in 2003.

Her skin care career began in New York at a wellness center, where she learned a whole body approach to healthy skin. She then came to Los Angeles to continue her path in the skin and spa industry and has since worked with some of the top spas.

Some of her specialties include custom, results driven skin care, peels, painless speed waxing, and lash extensions. She believes with skin care, like any routine, that consistency yields results. Just as we workout our bodies, it is essential we workout our skin to keep it strong and healthy.
Jaclyn has primped and pampered A list celebrities and her work has been featured in “La Confidential” and “In Style” magazines.

About Shar

Shar has worked in the aesthetic industry for over twenty years. She received her initial education in Israel, where she was licensed in 1994 and moved to the U.S. in 1997. By 1998, Shar completed her studies in California and was practicing in both medical and spa fields. For over five years, her expertise in advanced skin care therapies has been fostered by her work under the guidance of prestigious dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

In addition to guiding patients with skin care basics, Shar is knowledgeable in many areas of skin care, including:

– Expert in skin peels using a wide variety of peeling agents and programs, customized for each patients individual needs.

– Outstanding microdermabrasion treatments with oxygen infusion, one of the most effective treatments for your skin, when combined together.

– Extensive experience with acne control in the dermatology arena allows Shar to achieve real results that can “transform” those affected by severe acne.

– Exceptionally versed in knowledge of products and peel chemistry, as well as physician-dispensed skin care, and accomplished at customizing products for your skin characteristics.

– Skilled and thorough extractions for all skin types and colors, and peels for patients with serious problems such as hyper pigmentation or acne.


I was in search of a professional skin care esthetician, and much by chance fell into the very able hands of Jaclyn Welcher. From that very first encounter, Jaclyn has shown acute skills and knowledge in skin care, unparalleled customer satisfaction and above all, an evident passion for what she does. I have never since trusted my skin care to anyone else, knowing that Jaclyn is privy to the latest in skin care technique & products, making the care for me and my skin a top priority. I always look forward to my appointments with her knowing I’m receiving the highest level of service and attention to detail the industry has to offer. I recommend her to anyone in search for that exceptional, reliable esthetician they, like I had, hope to finally find. – ER

I just wanted to drop a short note to say how incredibly impressed I am with the skin care service offered by Shar. Shar took her time to develop a detailed skin care regime for me – and just after 2 sessions I am seeing a remarkable difference and improvement. Thank you ever so much Shar and all the team for an excellent experience. Kindest, – CG

I completely trust Jaclyn with my skin. She is extremely well trained in every aspect of skin care including medical strength chemical peels. This is not the normal run of the mill facial. Each time I have an appointment, she addresses exactly what is happening with my skin at that moment. It’s never the same. Everything is always customized for my specific need. Working in the film industry is demanding, and everyone expects you to look good all the time. I’ve turned most of my friends on the skin care at the Beverly Hills Institute. Jaclyn is very simply, amazing. – A

Working in the entertainment industry, I have been blessed to do make up on various clients, including celebrities. I am always amazed at how fabulous someone’s skin looks, that has a regular esthetician. Many facialists have been referred to me over the years, and although I went, I never went back. When I started working with the beautiful Vivica A. Fox, I asked her the same question because her skin was flawless. Her golden complexion looks the same with or without makeup, and that’s what I wanted for myself. Well, thanks to Shar, I can now be foundation free and proud. After just a few facials with her, my skin texture has improved greatly, and my complexion is brighter. I can’t wait to see how it looks after months of seeing her! I’m glad I was referred, because I keep going back! I think Shar is Hollywood’s best kept secret! – Tai Young (Los Angeles, CA)

I’m writing to tell you about our first experience at your office. I brought my daughter in to have her eye brows waxed and we saw Jaclyn. Jaclyn is so professional, knowledgeable and personable. She was concerned about waxing my daughter that day because she just had her wisdom teeth out and was on a medication that could effect her waxing that day. I was impressed with her knowledge and she made excellent recommendations to also help my daughter reduce swelling from her procedure. I would definitely come back again and request Jaclyn. Sincerely, – J &HJ

Shar has saved my skin! After expensive trips to dermatologists and little movement in my skins appearance I decided to try something new. A friend suggested that I see Shar for a facial. Shar has managed to personalize what I need and replenish my skin. People stop me literally and ask what I have been doing. I had skin damage and she was honest with what was possible in correcting my skin, contrary to what other Doctors told me. If I would have followed the regiment that the Doctors suggested, I would have spent money for little results. My skin has never looked better. I look to Shar for all of my skin advice and have been seeing her on a regular basis for about 8 years now. – Brittney P (Beverly Hills, CA)

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