The College Peel (aka The Bright Peel)

A low dose of anti-aging TCA acid is mixed with antioxidants and three of our safe and best brighteners. Clears away surface uneven skin tone, acne spots, or light pigmentation as well as early signs of aging to reveal a beautiful, bright complexion. Ideal results for anyone in their 20’s or 30’s, but also refreshing for more mature complexions.

Oxygen Treatment

Enliven your skin with a 20 minute blast of 94% oxygen and a hydrating serum infusion of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and vitamins B, C, and E. Combine the service with a Dermaplane or Microdermabrasion Resurfacing for seriously Red Carpet-ready skin! (Also available as a finishing service for peels to minimize downtime and side effects.)

The Age Reversal (Regular or Light)

Restore youthful, tight, beautiful skin with a TCA anti-aging peel mixed at the best concentration for your skin color and type. This peel amps collagen and elastin production restoring that bouncy, fresh feel and look to the skin while simultaneously fading or eliminating skin discoloration. A favorite peel for anyone over 40 and a must for treating skin with prolonged sun exposure. Limited downtime with tremendous results.

The Clear Peel (Regular or Light)

A cocktail peel of anti-acne acids to eliminate acne, bacteria and blemishes in only a couple of days! Also a great solution to clear up congestion and clogged pores – to prevent future outbreaks. This does usually create some flaking or peeling within a couple days but it’s also available in a “light” version – appropriate for less severe conditions or as a series – with no sideeffects.

The Calm

Finally a peel for red, sensitive, or overly dry skin, and anyone suffering from rosacea. The peel is customized with extra Lactic acid – a water-loving chemical – for dry skin and sensitive skin – even ones that can’t tolerate other peels or types of exfoliation. Rosacea skin is treated to a dose of calming Quassia extract, and if appropriate, a dose of Salicylic acid to fight bacteria. Skin looks calmer, younger, and healthier immediately – with no sideeffects!

The Deep Pore Cleanup

Skin is treated with an oil-soluble acid at a high concentration to dig deep and resolve blackheads, congestion, and uneven or bumpy texture. It’s also a great antiinlammatory for active acne and a favorite to smooth thick complexions and wake up dull skin. This one has a lot of heat when its applied but no serious peeling or sideeffects!

The Spot Eraser

This is a heavy dose of lightening Arbutin and Vitamin A mixed to attack deep deposits of pigment – a peel for anyone suffering for melasma, or age or acne spots that have resisted other treatments. It is unique in that it is a strong treatment available for skin of any color. It does have some downtime though – best to schedule on a week when you can tolerate a heated complexion and then a few days of peeling and slathering on thick ointments!

The Body Peel

You will thank us for this one come May when you’re ready to reveal those forgotten limbs and posterior. Enough said!

The Deep Acne Fight

A customized one-two punch peel to clean, clear, and calm acne-ridden complexions. This is a very active peel – in essence putting The Clear Peel over The Deep Pore Cleanup then boosting it with keratolytic Vitamin A – so it does result in a few days of skin peeling or shedding, but well worth the effort for anyone suffering from longstanding or cystic acne problems.

The Vi Peel

A classic peel combining Retinoic acid and a proprietary blend of vitamins and antioxidants to improve tone, superficial pigment problems, and acne. Consistent results with a few days of downtime to accommodate skin peeling.

The Dramatic Change

A combination therapy for transforming your skin quickly! Great results bringing a healthy complexion and quickly revive photodamaged, congested, dull, or pigmented skin. Dermaplane and microdermabrasion refine the skin and prepare it to receive the treatment deeply. We then apply a potent peel blend – one that’s tailored to your particular issues. A final oxygen peel or finishing treatment end the service for max effect!

The Teen Peel

A customized blend of antioxidants and low-concentration clearing and cleaning agents to help maintain a lovely, clear complexion in young men and women. Great to resolve blackheads, oily complexions, and light acne concerns. Includes consultation and instruction on simple at-home care for teens.

Dermaplane Resurfacing

A surgical blade is used to smooth and soften texture, open clogged pores, and to reveal a layer of healthy, younger cells. Peach fuzz is also removed, creating a beautiful canvas for makeup application! To finish, the skin is quenched with antioxidants and either antibacterials, a mattifier, or hydrators – chosen by skin type and condition. May be combined with peels or other treatments to enhance results.


A high speed flow of medical-grade Aluminum Oxide crystals smooth skin texture, revive dull, congested, or thick skin, increase oxygenation. Extra attention is paid to scars, wrinkles, and other imperfections. Also helpful in fading superficial hyperpigmentation. Finished with antioxidants and balancing treatment product. May be combined with peels or other treatments to enhance results.

Eyelash Tinting / Eyebrow Tinting

A vegetable based tint is used to dye the eyelashes jet- or deep-black. Effects last 6 weeks! Also available in shades of browns, blondes, and auburns for the brows.

Reluma Stem Cell Facial

reluma-4productsThis highly effective anti aging treatment includes a custom form of exfoliation which may include a blended peel, microdermabrasion or dermaplaning, depending on skin type. After the skin has been resurfaced, your skin has been primed to readily absorb a potent dose of Reluma’s human, adult derived stem cells which will boost collagen and elastin, which are massaged into the skin ensuring deep delivery for maximum results.

Eyebrow Shaping

A tailored arch shows your personal style and serves as the cornerstone of a beautiful look!

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