24 Hours to Rhinoplasty: How to Properly Prepare for Surgery

Surgery day is almost here. Just 24 hours separate you and your new nose. Make the most of your final day before surgery by tackling these last-minute preparations. A little work before surgery makes for an easier recovery after.

Stock the Fridge

Right after surgery, you’re not going to want to cook, but you’re still going to need to eat. Stocking up on healthy staples and possibly preparing a meal or two that you can easily reheat will make eating right so much easier during recovery. 

Some patients feel nauseous after anesthesia and when using pain medications. Make sure you have some bland, comforting foods on hand. Broth, plain rice, crackers, and bananas are popular choices for an upset stomach. Some patients find ginger candies or tea comforting.

Fill Your Prescriptions

Most patients require a few prescription medications during recovery. Dr. Fleming may ask you to take antibiotics or pain medications as you heal. If you’ve received prescriptions, fill them and pick them up before surgery.

Finalize Transportation

You won’t be able to drive home after surgery. The day before your rhinoplasty, double-check with your ride and finalize your plans. Your ride should drop you off at the surgery center at check-in time. Then, they can return to pick you up several hours later. Choose a trusted adult for this important role. You’ll also need a ride to your first follow-up appointment the day after surgery.

Take a Shower

We ask rhinoplasty patients to avoid getting their nasal splint wet until it is removed, usually a week after surgery. You can shower a day or two after surgery if you avoid getting the nose wet.

Do Your Laundry

Make sure your closets are stocked and ready with clean laundry before your procedure. The day before surgery is an excellent time to catch up on laundry. 

You may want to peek into your closet and make sure you have the clothing you’ll need for surgery day and recovery. Button up tops are especially important. You can easily slip in and out of tops with buttons and zippers, without worrying about bumping your bandaging. Comfortable shorts and bottoms are other post-rhinoplasty closet staples.

Change Your Sheets

Rest, rest, and rest after your rhinoplasty. Sleep is going to quickly become your new best friend. You’ll probably be spending extra time between the sheets, so make sure they are fresh and clean before surgery day. 

As you prep your bed, grab a few extra pillowsif you’ll need them. Pillows are helpful for propping and positioning after surgery.

Write Down Any Final Questions

As you prepare for surgery, you may have a final question or two pop into your mind. Write it down. On surgery day, you’ll meet with Dr. Fleming briefly before heading into the operating room. If you have any last-minute questions, you’ll be able to ask them. With pre-surgery jitters, it can be hard to remember your questions, so write them down and bring your list. 

The countdown to surgery day begins. Make the most of your final 24 hours with these tips. Call us with any questions at 310-278-8823.

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