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3 Ways Forehead Reduction Can Dramatically Improve Your Appearance

The human face is divided into three sections – the upper, mid, and lower. Although the way different people perceive beauty does vary between cultures, a common trait among “beautiful” people throughout the world is a face that is well-proportioned. As such, patients who have a long forehead or a receding hairline can sometimes struggle with feeling less attractive.

Forehead reduction surgery is  safe and effective procedure that brings the face into a better proportion. Also known as hairline-lowering or hairline advancement surgery, forehead reduction surgery can improve your appearance in a number of ways.

Forehead Beauty

Scientists explain that the forehead exists in its bare state so that humans can clearly convey emotions. It’s our eyebrows and forehead muscles that reveal surprise, confusion, anger, and more, after all.

With all of this muscular flexing going on, however, the forehead becomes wrinkled more
quickly than other parts of the face. Expressive people actually have deeper forehead wrinkles than those who keep their emotions in check. A forehead reduction addresses these signs of aging.

How a Forehead Reduction Improves Appearance

1) Diminish Wrinkles and Frown Lines

During a forehead reduction, a portion of the forehead skin is removed, and the hairline is pulled forward. Not only does this visually reduce the size of the forehead, it stretches the skin, eliminating wrinkles. If the patients brows are low they can simultaneously be elevated to overcome tired appearance.

In this case, a forehead surgery improves your appearance twofold – by giving your face better proportions and also restoring a youthful appearance to the upper third of your face.

2) Reproportioning of the Whole Face

As we have discussed, humans perceive a proportionate and symmetrical face to be attractive. By decreasing the size of a large forehead, forehead reduction surgery dramatically improves one’s appearance but reducing its size relative to the rest of the face.

Forehead size plays a significant role in how attractive we appear to both ourselves and others. To discuss any concerns regarding the appearance of your forehead, and what options are available to you to address these, contact Dr. Richard Fleming on (310) 278 8823 or fill out his
online form to book a consultation.

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