5 Subtle Ways Ethnic Rhinoplasty Achieves Facial Harmony

Rhinoplasty is a transformative procedure that improves facial harmony and enhances appearance. The size and shape of your nose are determined by your genetics, with ethnicity playing a major role in the features and characteristics of your nose. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specialized type of rhinoplasty that honors the subtle differences in nasal anatomy between ethnic populations, seeking to create beautiful results for patients from every culture around the world. 

Learn how ethnic rhinoplasty creates facial harmony through subtle variations in nasal appearance. 


One-size-fits-all is a lie. Our bodies come in every shape and size, and one set size just can’t accommodate everyone. This is especially true for rhinoplasty. Your ideal nose isn’t a specific size, but it should be proportionate to your other features. If you have a large face, a larger nose will complement it. Smaller features? You’ll likely need a more delicate nasal appearance. 

Ethnic rhinoplasty brings the nose into proportion with your other facial features. This can be accomplished by adding volume or removing volume from the nose. 


Symmetry in nature is beautiful. Rhinoplasty can improve facial symmetry. Many of our ethnic rhinoplasty patients have asymmetry from previous nasal injuries or surgeries. Nasal surgery can create more a more symmetrical facial shape. 


Bold is great for a new top, not so great for a nose. Facial appearance generally works best when facial features play as a team, with no one stealing the show. When a nose has very distinct characteristics, like flared nostrils or a significant hump, it can detract from your other features. Ethnic rhinoplasty brings things back into harmony by ensuring that other people see you, not your nostrils. 


Imagine a world where everyone looked the same. Pretty boring isn’t it? Ethnicity brings beauty and interest to facial appearance. Ethnic rhinoplasty enables us to change the look of the nose while retaining the unique appearance of your culture. We aren’t trying to create a cookie-cutter European nose, rather a nose that perfectly complements your other features, highlighting the best parts of your ethnicity. 

You can love Grandma Gertie, without having to keep her nose.


Many of our ethnic rhinoplasty patients choose the procedure for cosmetic reasons, but there are functional benefits to this procedure. Rhinoplasty can open up and improve the airway, alleviating breathing difficulties and helping patients to feel better. 

How Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty Different than Traditional Rhinoplasty?

The techniques we use for an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure are the same techniques used in a traditional rhinoplasty. Dr. Fleming will shape and sculpt the nose and repair breathing and airway abnormalities. The techniques are the same, but the expertise is different. Ethnic rhinoplasty requires a highly experienced surgeon with experience working on patients from many ethnic backgrounds. A skilled ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon understands the many variations in nasal structure and skin type found in ethnicities around the world. 

Dr. Fleming at The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery is one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in the area, offering smooth and natural-looking results to his patients.

Call us to schedule your ethnic rhinoplasty consultation at 310-278-8823. 

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