The Eyes Have It – Caring for This Very Delicate Skin

Careful treatment around the eye area gives beautiful results Reversing age and sun damage in the eye area requires good habits and a little help from the experts. This skin is some of the most delicate on the body. It is completely unable to withstand facial products, polishes, and full-strength tretinoin creams that we use at home to keep the rest of our skin fresh and beautiful. On the other hand, it shows the effects of age and environmental stress faster than any other part of our face! Here is a five step regimen to restore youth to the eye area. Schedule light treatments for the eyes every 3 months as part of your in-office skin care routine. An esthetician with specific training in chemical peels and eye area treatment can choose the right treatment or home care to improve the area incrementally. Remove milia, but never by yourself. See an esthetician or dermatologist about removing milia (small, pearly bumps) that are commonly seen around the perioribital area. These usually do not resolve without extraction by a trained professional. Be healthy. Sleeplessness, fatigue, heavy salt intake, sugar intake, allergies, and stress make an indelible mark on this ultra thin skin. Love your eye products. Be sure to include a treatment product daily for the eyes. A retinol product designed specifically for this area is best for sun-damaged skin. A vitamin C treatment is great to protect and address less advanced concerns. Pair with a great eye cream in the AM.

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Skin Care & Chemical Peels for the Body

Picture this: the angelic complexion of youth, beautiful makeup, perfectly coifed hair, short-sleeved tank or top paired with smart trousers or a skirt. A lovely sight, until a close-up inspection reveals a mottled, crepey chest and advanced signs of sun damage on the arms or legs! All the care taken on our face and dress is for nought when we don’t care for our bodies too. Luckily there are solutions for treating these signs of sun damage and photoaging. The basics are understood by most. Moisturize your skin every day on the way out of the shower and apply SPF on any limb or part revealed during daylight – rain or shine. If that means buying an extra sunblock to keep in your car and handbag, just reassure yourself that protection is well worth the expense – and it’s cheaper than trying to reverse problems later. Body peels are performed by physicians and skin care professionals every day. Undertaking a series of these will truly transform the health and look of your skin. They reverse hyperpigmentation and mottled tone, hydrate, and tighten. They are generally spaced at 6-8 week intervals. Body peels are similar in many ways to facial peels; often the same deck of ingredients like TCA and glycolic are instrumental. They are different in the way that they heal, however. The “peel and heal” cycle stretches much longer – which means that it can take a week or more before visible sideeffects become apparent and then another couple weeks

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Is it common to get turned away when considering rhinoplasty?

Here is a question that isn’t asked as frequently, but it can be an interesting one to discuss. In some cases, plastic surgeons may decide that you are not a good candidate for the procedure that you are looking to have performed. While uncommon, some plastic surgeons may even turn down a patients request for a procedure simply based upon a lack of aesthetic need. Meaning, a surgeon may decide that the issue you are attempting to treat does not warrant the risk of the procedure. There are a few reasons why you might be denied a procedure, as your overall health is always a priority for any surgeon. The most common reason for denying a rhinoplasty would be that the patient has already had multiple procedures on the nose. Multiple procedures on the nose can increase impaired nasal circulation, increasing the risk of severe complications (Michael Jackson is a prime example). This could also be a sign that a patient may never be satisfied with the appearance of their nose. Patients may also be requesting the procedure for all the wrong reasons ( i.e. surgery to get a better job). Lastly, patients may have unrealistic expectations for their procedure, and will undoubtedly be displeased with the results. At the end of the day, a patient’s health and safety will always take priority over a plastic surgery procedure. Since rhinoplasty is a procedure that delivers long-lasting results, it is crucial that the procedure be done for the right reasons, and

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Using Tretinoin (Retin-A) for Stretch Marks

Most women know that using rich, moisturizing ingredients like shea and cocoa butter on the belly is a must during pregnancy. They keep the skin moist and softened to help prevent stretch marks from developing during weight gain. What may be news to many people is that tretinoin (commonly known by brand name “Retin-A”) can improve stretch marks that have already formed on the body. Studies indicate that using .1% tretinoin daily within 6 months of their appearance can cause a significant reduction in both the length and width of stretch marks. In the case of pregnancy-induced stretch marks, consult a physician first. Tretinoin is not appropriate for women that are breastfeeding or pregnant. For those mothers who are not a candidate for using tretinoin, despair not! Stretch marks become much less noticeable in the months after giving birth.

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Welcome to The Beverly Hills Institute Skin Care Blog

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