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Plastic Surgeons to the Stars Reveal the 16th Annual “Hollywood’s Hottest Looks” Survey


Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) February 13, 2013

Plastic Surgeons to the Stars, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby MayerHollywood’s most sought after celebrity plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, Richard W. Fleming M.D. and Toby G. Mayer M.D. have released their 16th annual Hollywood’s Hottest Looks survey.

According to Dr. Fleming and Dr. Mayer, whose posh Beverly Hills practice enjoys a world wide reputation with an international and Tony clientele, the results of their 16th annual survey shows that while their patients do not want to look identical to their favorite celebrity, they do consider the style and features of various celebrity faces and bodies as the standard of beauty.

“Our Beverly Hills plastic surgery patients want to look rested and energetic and, most of all, youthful like the celebrities they see on television, the big screen, on the internet, and glossy magazines,” explained Dr. Richard W. Fleming, co-director of The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery with his partner, Dr. Toby G. Mayer.

With the heightened awareness of celebrity cosmetic surgery, our patients do tell us exactly what they want. Because of the overwhelming response from patients, this survey reflects those requests illustrating the most coveted celebrity plastic surgery features.

For both the male and female celebrities, votes were cast for most desirable nose, hair, eyes, lips, chin, cheeks, body, and skin. To find out if your favorite male and female celebrities were voted to have the most desirable features in Hollywood, check out the tabulated results by visiting the Hollywood’s Hottest Looks Results Page on their website.

Read the full article at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/Hollywoods-Hottest-Looks/Beverly-Hills/prweb10421620.htm

16th Annual Hollywood’s Hottest Looks Survey


With the evolution of techniques in aesthetic surgery some things are constant. Patients still look to Hollywood for standards of beauty. Over the years we have kept track of the celebrities patients reference when they describe physical features they admire. The results of our 16th Annual Hollywood’s Hottest Looks Survey will be released this week. You can participate in the survey by going to our Hollywood’s Hottest Looks Survey.

Why do most surgeons have dissatisfied patients?


The best rhinoplasty surgeons have few if any “bad results”. Rather, they are results that the patient may feel are not “perfect”. In 35 years of performing rhinoplasty, I have found that many patients who I could only get “good” results on were happier than some patients that got a fabulous result. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the objective of the best surgeons is to try to find out what the PATIENT wants and not necessarily what the surgeon wants.

Oxygen Treatments and Healing Skin


Oxygen facials have come a long way since Madonna made them famous as the Red Carpet must-have treatment

Oxygen is central to life, health, and beauty. The element has been a mainstay of skin care for ages – whether it is being harnessed in Benzoyl Peroxide formulation to target p. acne bacteria or carried internally to nourish cells by stimulating the skin via massage, peels, or exfoliants. Healthy skin depends on it.

Oxygen machines harness these benefits and multiply them exponentially. The machines concentrate oxygen in the air to very high levels, and then push it deep into the skin. This nourishes the tissue immensely. Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes – or even light peeling chemicals – are added into the pressurized air flow to deliver powerful stuff into active layers of the skin.

Oxygen facial treatments boast instant plumping and stimulating effects, because they fill the skin “to max capacicty” with healthy hydrators and antioxidants. Their real power is in accelerating the road to new, healthy skin. This makes them a perfect finish to dermaplanes, microdermabrasions and peels – guaratneeing fast, flawless healing.

Thinning Eyebrows? Try Eyebrow Hair Transplantation Instead of Permanent Makeup


Patients and surgeons have been aware of the importance of eyebrow position for many years. That is why we developed the Trichophytic Hairline Browlift to elevate low brows and preserve or improve the patient’s hairline location.

For men and women the eyes are a strong focal point in facial beauty and attractiveness. The brows are an important part of this aesthetic unit because they frame the eyebrow-eyelid complex. Only recently have we focused on the thickness and continuity of hair within the brows. In patients who want fuller and thicker brows, techniques such as tattooing provide less than ideal temporary improvement. Hair transplants placed in the brows achieve a permanent, natural result.

Hair transplants are done to improve the appearance of the eyebrows in patients who have: 1) lost hair secondary to aggressive plucking of the brows, 2) congenital absence of hair, 3) thin or low density brows, 4) lost hair secondary to scarring following trauma or a direct browlift, and 5) lost hair secondary to infection, hormonal imbalance, or diseases such as alopecia areata,. These transplants can improve brow location, contour, and density.

One hair micrografts are taken from specific areas of the scalp to match the caliper of the existing brow hair. The number of grafts will depend on the needs of each individual patient. Because the grafts are taken from the scalp the hair must be occasionally trimmed.

While hair transplantation is a relatively easy procedure this is a technically and aesthetically demanding operation. Surgery to enhance and reconstruct the eyebrows is rewarding for both surgeon and patient.

Why Do You Cleanse your Face?


There is a basic formula to choosing the right cleanser

Taking care of your skin is very complicated these days. “Basic” care includes juggling complicated home regimens and frequent visits to a specialist. Do you ever get so confused that you don’t even know where to begin?

At our practice, we are finding many people aren’t even sure how to cleanse anymore – the very first step!

Let’s break it down. Cleansers are used to

    1) take off makeup
    2) lightly exfoliate surface dead skin cells
    3) remove excessive buildup of dirt, oil, sweat
    4) remove bacteria.

Depending on your lifestyle some or all may apply, but everybody will benefit by cleansing at least once a day in the evening.

1) If you use a cleanser to remove makeup, choose an oil or cream. These cut through makeup. Dry skin will be soothed by the texture. If you have oily skin or larger pores, finish with a balanced toner or gel cleanser to guarantee residue won’t remain on the skin to clog later.

NeutraCleanse gently cuts through makeup and dirt in seconds

2) Nowadays there are designated exfoliants (from surface to aggressive) appropriate for every skin type to use. Exfoliation achieved by cleaning is simply a side benefit.

3) If you’ve cleaned a kitchen, you probably know that “oil cleans oil”. For this reason, many people like to use oil-based cleansers to clean the skin of grease and dirt. Modern surfactants in gels and foams also do the job, though maybe not as quickly. Either is suitable, but finish with a toner for oily skin with larger pores.

4) We all have bacteria on our skin – we would be in trouble without it! Still we need to clean the dirt and excess oil that bacteria thrives on to keep things in balance. Any type of cleanser will achieve this (see the last paragraph). People suffering from certain types of acne have a higher concentration of acne-specific bacteria deep in their pores. They can use any type of cleanser to remove the dirt, sweat and oil to keep surface bacteria in balance. Then it is best to use a targeted treatment product that delivers anti-bacterial and exfoliating ingredients far down in the pore where that specific bacteria proliferate.

Rejuvenating the Upper-Third of the Face in Aging Patients.



2. CUTTING THE WRINKLE MUSCLES TO PREVENT AND LESSEN WRINKLES WITHOUT BOTOX–The muscles are carefully divided at the same surgery.

3. FOREHEAD LIFTING WITH THE IRREGULAR TRICHOPHYTIC FOREHEAD LIFT–This is a procedure that we developed to raise the brows and feminize and make a younger look WITHOUT removing any hair. The hair grows thru, not behind, the scar.

4l HAIRLINE LOWERING— The hairline can be lowered at the same time depending on the looseness of the scalp. If the scalp is tight, we use the Fleming-Mayer Tissue Expander to lower it up to 1-2 inches.

5. BALDING TREATMENT — men or women with frontal balding can have the Fleming-Mayer Flap to give natural density without texture change to give a full head of hair.

We create a natural, youthful look to a previous sad, tired and angry face. Look at the photos and videos of patients done this way.

Schedule a Consultation today to see if any of these procedure might be right for you.

How to Fight Cellulite


Endermologie is a non-invasive cellulite treatment

Endermologie is the only FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment for cellulite. Though the technology is always advancing, the method is based on classic principles – rollers and suction maneuvers are used to offer deep massage and stretching to connective fibers and tissue in problem areas. The increased circulation expels excess water and toxins and transports healthy blood and oxygen to the stagnated area.

The 35-minute biweekly sessions are invigorating for the client. One feels tension melt as the machine’s rollers lift, stretch, and mobilize the tissue and skin. The calm and refreshed feeling is only a side benefit to the real achievement – significant reduction of cellulite, a sculpted look, and tighter skin.

Benefits are often visible after only a few sessions, but typically 12-20 sessions are recommended to achieve desired results. Patient participation is key to the process – and lifestyle changes required for the program can lead to years of improved health. Eating healthy, ample hydration and light exercise are all paramount to great results with the treatment process.

Whether its for beauty, health, or both – endermologie is a favorite procedure among patients of all ages and demographics. Schedule a consult with Brandy at The Beverly Hills Institute and take the first step towards your goals!

What Should I Expect at My Rhinoplasty Consultation?


Take full advantage of your Rhinoplasty consultation to answer all your questions and discuss your goals and expectations. Plan ahead. Make a list of your questions and explain what you don’t like and what changes you want.

The following is a list of questions most often asked by patients and advice on how to have a profitable meeting with your surgeon.

  1. What is your training and board certification (if this has not been checked before the consultation)?
  2. What is your experience with Rhinoplasty surgery?
  3. How long have you been doing the operation and how many do you perform each month?
  4. What percentage of your practice is Rhinoplasty surgery?
  5. What is the most common operation you do?
  6. Where do you perform the surgery?
  7. If not in a hospital, is the facility fully accredited?
  8. How often do you revise your own Rhinoplasty work?
  9. Is there an additional charge for your revision surgery?
  10. What percentage of your Rhinoplasty practice is devoted to revisions of other surgeon’s work?
  11. What would you do to improve my nose?
  12. What changes will you make?
  13. What kind of anesthesia do you use?
  14. Will you use the open or closed technique?
  15. If grafts are necessary, where are they harvested?
  16. Do you use my own tissue for grafts or synthetic material?
  17. How long will my surgery take?
  18. Will you pack my nose after surgery, for how long, and with what?
  19. Where do I stay the night after surgery?
  20. How long is my recovery? Please describe.
  21. Will my nasal breathing be better, worse or the same?
  22. What are the possible complications of my surgery?
  23. Do you provide instructions regarding pre and post operative activities, diet, and medications?
  24. How long before I see the results?
  25. Will you show me results of other patients like me?
  26. Will you review with me your goals and expectations of this surgery?

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Not all Vitamin C is Created Equal


A great vitamin C product brightens dramatically

Well, we’re not sure if that goes for the stuff in nature, but when it comes to anti-aging skincare ingredients – it’s the truth!

L-ascorbic acid is the scientific name for the molecule we call Vitamin C. It is abundant in fruits and vegetables and great for its antioxidant and immune-boosting properties. It is also essential to the collagen-building process in the skin. It allows you to get the plumping and firming benefits from all the microdermabrasions, peels, and at-home exfoliants that stimulate the collagen rebuild effect. Feed the skin l-ascorbic acid, and watch the years melt away.

Great… so why haven’t Beverly Hills women started adding bricks of ascorbic acid to their swimming pools?

Well, there’s one complication – pure vitamin C is not stable in oxygen or water. As it oxidizes it takes on a yellow and eventually orange color.

That’s bad news. Why? For one thing, because you’ve probably spent a lot of money on Vitamin C skin serums at the drug store, the department store, the health food store, even the spa. The “vitamin C” in them most likely did nothing for your skin. It probably wasn’t even vitamin C anymore – it had oxidized.

Fleming-Mayer Vitamin C and Antioxidant Serum

The good news? It is possible to stabilize Vitamin C so it can still offer the collagen-building benefits we want. Vitamin C Ester is a fat-soluble form of that l-ascorbic molecule. It is stable and it penetrates into the layer of the skin where collagen-building actually happens. It is a truly amazing Vitamin C ingredient for anti-aging.

Two others forms of Vitamin C worth mentioning hit the mark too. Ascorbyl palmitate is a widely used in skin care. It is not so effective at collagen-building but it does provide great antioxidant benefit to your skin and to other ingredients in the product. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is also very stable, and can offer collagen-rebuilding with a nice shelf life. A few other Vitamin C forms can improve the skin too – but be wary.

What’s most important is to buy a clear or white formula packaged in an air-tight and opaque packaging. As always, be sure to ask for independent clinical data to make sure that the product you purchase can back up its claims and truly give beautiful results!