Brow and Forehead Lift in Beverly Hills

A forehead lift can be an excellent choice for those interested in upper facial rejuvenation. Signs of aging often appear first on the forehead. Low brows can be an inherited characteristic, giving young ladies a heavy tied appearance.

A brow or forehead lift by an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Richard Fleming results in very natural-looking results that can take years off a patient’s appearance. This procedure smooths out frown lines and raises the brows, restoring a rested, alert look. 

To learn more about the various types of forehead surgery Dr. Fleming offers at The Beverly Hills Institute, you can contact us directly or review the information provided below:

Good Candidates for Brow Lifts

Dr. Fleming can perform brow lifts on both men and women of all ages. Especially good candidates are those who are in good health, are non-smokers, and who are not on any medications that could interfere with their surgery or subsequent recovery.
Dr. Fleming thoroughly apprises patients of preparation and recovery protocol for this procedure before the surgery day. He also takes the time to address every patient’s concerns in depth.

Types of Brow/Forehead Lift Techniques

Eyebrow/Mid-Forehead Approach

When using this approach, Dr. Fleming makes incisions just above the eyebrows or in the natural crease of the forehead. He rarely recommends this type of procedure, however, because the incisions and resulting scars can be conspicuous.


Endoscopic brow lifts are performed through small incisions in the scalp. Through these incisions, the eyebrows are raised. Dr. Fleming often recommends this type of procedure to patients who have low hairlines and mild drooping of the brows. Those with more extensive signs of upper facial aging and those who have high hairlines do not usually experience good results with this type of procedure, however. Patients with advanced skin laxity benefit from brow lift techniques that permit the removal of excess skin.


A coronal brow lift is performed through a long incision made within the scalp behind the hairline. Dr. Fleming rarely performs this surgery as it can lead to an abnormally lifted hairline. He does make exceptions, however, for women with very low hairlines.

ENDOTINE Forehead/Brow Lift

Dr. Fleming uses an innovative Endotine device to perform this specific type of brow lift. Endotine devices are implantable tissue fixation devices designed to maintain the elevation until the wounds heal. It also takes pressure from wound closure until it heals. The result of an Endotine lift is a relaxed, natural appearance and the incision is easily concealed within the hairline. Though this procedure does raise the hairline, selected patients find they are still able to wear their hair in any style they want after surgery.

Irregular Trichophytic Hairline Incision

For those with normal hairlines or for women with high hairlines, Dr. Fleming usually recommends the Irregular Trichophytic Hairline Incision approach. Dr. Fleming developed this technique to camouflage incisions by burying hair follicles beneath the incision. He elevates the brow and forehead through the incision and then removes excess skin, burying hair follicles deep under the skin closure. The follicles produce new hair growth in front of the incision and camouflage the resulting scar.

Those with normal or high foreheads who want to maintain their hairline position or lower it to decrease their large forehead are pleased with the Irregular Trichophytic Hairline Incision. It can also have the added benefit of lowering the hairline for those with large foreheads.

The Brow Lift Process

During your brow lift consultation, Dr. Fleming will tell you how to prepare for your procedure. This may involve not taking certain medications, not smoking, and avoiding alcohol for a short period before your surgery. He will also advise you to have a friend or family member accompany you to the clinic so he or she can drive you home afterward. Out of town patients can go to a recovery facility or the hotel they’ve secured ahead of time.

The procedure itself will not take more than an hour to an hour and half, depending on the type of technique used. When you are comfortably settled in the procedure room, a local or general anesthesia will be administered to keep you comfortable during surgery. After your sedation, the chosen incisions will be made and the area will be lifted. If needed, skin will also be removed at this time before the incision is closed, cleaned, and bandaged.

The Post Brow/Forehead Lift Recovery Process

After surgery, you will need to wear a bandage on your forehead for twenty-four hours. Any stitches or sutures Dr. Fleming placed will be removed six days after surgery.

Once you have recovered from the effects of anesthesia, you will be allowed to go home with your friend or family member so you can resume recovery there. Expect to have some mild swelling and bruising around your forehead area for a few days after surgery. You can manage the swelling with ice packs, and you’ll be given pain medication to eliminate discomfort.

You should rest for at least a few days after your brow lift procedure. Most of Dr. Fleming’s patients return to work within a week after surgery and resume exercise and other vigorous activity approximately three to four weeks after surgery.

You expedite your recovery process best when you rest, keep your head elevated, and ice affected areas to mitigate swelling and bruising. Dr. Fleming will follow up with you to ensure the healing process is proceeding as planned.

Rejuvenate Your Appearance with a Brow/Forehead Lift In Beverly Hills

As the developer of the Irregular Trichophytic Hairline Incision and an experienced facial surgeon, Dr. Richard Fleming is uniquely qualified to perform your brow/forehead lift in the Beverly Hills area.

To schedule your consultation, contact The Beverly Hills Institute office at (310) 278-8823 or fill out our simple form. During your consultation, we’ll help you decide if brow/forehead lift surgery is the right type of cosmetic surgery to meet your aesthetic goals.