A Cheek Lift procedure allows us to lift the cheek area and restore a more youthful fullness to the cheeks and eliminating the “sunken-in” appearance of the mid-face. Some Cheek Lift patients do not have adequate definition of their cheekbones. For those patients we can perform Cheek Augmentation, which may correct the sagging. Other patients require both augmentation and lifting for the ideal result.

Cheek Lift surgery is performed through the same incision used for lower eyelid surgery, just below the eyelashes. There will be stitches in place for six days after surgery. Patients who normally wear contact lenses will be required to wear eyeglasses for two weeks after surgery, so that there is no pulling on the lower eyelid. The cheeks can also be lifted through an incision in the temporal scalp. There may be bruising and swelling that normally resolves in 7–10 days. Frequently, we perform lower eyelid surgery simultaneously to correct the bags under the eyes.