Chest Augmentation


Cleavoplasty is a procedure that we developed to correct the bony and irregular depressions between the breasts in the area of cleavage in patients who have had breast implants or in thin patients without implants. The thin, bony, depressed appearance between the breasts is augmented with fat to create a full, smooth, rounded contour using the patient’s own body fat to soften the chest area.

It is important to note that this procedure does not enlarge the breasts, or change the appearance of the breasts themselves.


Fat is removed from the Beverly Hills chest augmentation patient’s thighs, buttocks, or abdomen using a syringe and fine needle. This fat is then concentrated and injected into the area between the breasts. The area is over-corrected, since some of the fat will be absorbed, but enough fat remains to give a remarkable correction of this defect. There are no bandages used, only two small spot Band-aids. Bruising is minimal, if at all, and the patient may return to work the following day. The swelling will subside over the next week and usually, what remains at six weeks, is what will remain indefinitely.


There are minimal risks of infection, bleeding, or asymmetry.

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