Dr. Richard W. Fleming, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a highly qualified Beverly Hills chin reduction surgeon, who can drastically improve the balance of your facial features.

What is chin reduction surgery?

Basic tenants of beauty include balance and proportion. A large, wide or projecting chin can distract from other beautiful facial features. People are generally aware of chin augmentation with fillers, fat, or implants but chin reduction and contouring are also common procedures. While the proverbial “double chin” can be corrected with fat removal and muscle tightening the chin reduction procedure I am describing usually involves trimming of the underline bone, which is accomplished through a small incision under the chin to reduce the large chin.

With this procedure we can improve the entire jawline in the front and profile views. While this technique is used on both men and women, it is an important component of facial feminization in some ladies.