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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures

The term “plastic surgery” is derived from the Greek word meaning to form or to mold. Cosmetic surgery is a very specialized area of plastic surgery in which we correct undesirable physical features and reverse the physical signs of aging. In some cases we want to improve function as well as appearance.Some of our patients simply wish to look better due to a personal desire for self-improvement. Appearance is important to each of us as evidenced by the millions of dollars which are spent each year on cosmetics, hair styling, manicures, diets, health spas, and clothing. Cosmetic surgery is simply an extension of this normal desire of each of us to look his or her best. Although many of our patients make their living with their face, such as celebrities and entertainers, the correction of an undesirable physical feature is a normal solution for people of all ages, sexes, and walks of life. The other reason many of our patients undergo cosmetic surgery is to help them to achieve career objectives. Frequently, advances in the competitive business world are easier for those who project a bright, youthful, rested appearance.There are many different procedures and combinations of procedures that allow us to individualize the surgery for each patient. This way, we can achieve a more natural look by eliminating undesirable features and enhancing good physical characteristics. The ultimate goal of cosmetic surgery is to achieve an improved, natural appearance with a minimal amount of surgery and short period of convalescence.

Although it is always best to be seen in person, if you live outside of Southern California, you have the option of sending your photos either via post mail or email for a ‘mini consultation’ over the phone. Once we receive your completed form along with the specified photos, our Administrator will contact you to go over the doctors recommendations.

Our Cosmetic Procedures