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Body Contouring

Many people are concerned about unwanted fat deposits that are present despite dieting, exercise and treatments developed to decrease these areas. In the past, surgical removal of fat involved making large, conspicuous incisions which resulted in obvious scars. Liposuction is a technique in which high pressure vacuum suction is used to remove fat cells through a small incision. This is primarily a treatment for contouring the body by removal of unwanted fat deposits. An ideal patient is one who is in reasonably good physical condition with localized areas of unwanted fat. It is not a treatment for obesity. Chronological and physiological age varies tremendously between patients, but the best results are achieved in those with good skin tone regardless of their age. The number of fat cells and their location appears to be constant throughout an individual’s lifetime. With weight gain or loss, the cells change in size. In liposuction, these cells are removed and will not reform, thereby decreasing the number of cells and the excess fatty deposits which previously occurred in the surgical area.

Since the invention of liposuction in the 1970’s, there have been many improvements and innovations to the original procedure. Each new development has allowed us to make liposuction a safer and more effective means of eliminating unwanted fat and re-contouring the body. The latest advancement in this technology is the Microaire Power Assisted Liposuction System, which is currently utilized at the Beverly Hills Institute.

This unique system provides the doctor with better control to sculpt and contour the body. The patient experiences less bruising and swelling, and a faster recovery period than the traditional methods of liposuction. And unlike the Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction technique, this system does not generate heat which can burn the skin.

We use the body sculpting technique on fat deposits under the chin and in the neck, the abdomen, the buttocks, thighs, knees and ankles. The most common indications for this surgery in men are the presence of the so-called “love handles,” double chins and excess fat in the abdomen. Our female patients are more likely to request liposuction of the thighs to eliminate “saddle bags,” or the removal of fat in the hips, the lower abdomen, or of the neck. We often use facial liposuction in conjunction with face lift surgery to achieve superior results.


A small hollow tube is inserted through a tiny incision placed in a natural skin crease and the fat is removed by suctioning. No attempt is made to remove all the fat, as this could result in contour irregularities.

Postoperative Period

Pressure dressings or girdles are worn after surgery so that the skin will adhere to the new contour and contract properly. You may feel a slight burning or mild discomfort during the immediate postoperative period, but this is short-lived and easily controlled. Despite post-operative swelling, you will see an immediate improvement. However, you will not see the final result for least 12 or more weeks after surgery.


On rare occasions there may be fluid collection under the skin or slight numbness, but this resolves without long-term adverse effects. Contour irregularities within the skin itself (the so-called “cellulite”) which were present before the surgery are not altered with this approach. However, some patients have large areas of irregularity or depressions that can be addressed with fat grafting. Other possible complications are bleeding, infection or asymmetry.

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