Facial Feminization

We are all aware of facial characteristics that make male or female faces readily distinguishable. Every day we are asked by ladies to make changes in unwanted inherited physical features, so they can achieve a more feminine appearance. These procedures include lowering the hairline or changing eyebrow position. Dr. Fleming first brought the hairline brow lift to the practice and this procedure has been expanded to include lowering the hairline, lifting the forehead and removing excess bony prominence above the eyebrows. When necessary all of these changes can be made at the same time. There are many other examples of the feminizing procedures such as reducing a large nose by changing the size and contour so it is more proportional to the surrounding fine facial features, as well as enhancing cheek projection and contour, augmenting the lips, and narrowing the jawline.

There are many examples of all of these feminizing treatments throughout this website.

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