What’s the ideal size for a forehead? Measurements vary, but aesthetically, a forehead that is about 1/3 of the total face size is ideal. Patients with high hairlines or large foreheads may find that their forehead compromises much more of their face. Previous cosmetic procedures that weren’t performed correctly can raise the hairline, creating the appearance of too much forehead.  

A hairline lowering procedure can bring your facial proportions into balance. Contact us to learn more about this procedure.

What Is Hairline Lowering?

Hairline lowering, also called a forehead reduction is a procedure to reduce the size of the forehead. Dr. Fleming makes an incision at the soft hairs in the hairline. He uses an innovative incision technique that he developed more than 30 years ago called the Irregular Trichophytic Hairline incision. 

Skin is removed from the forehead and the hairline is advanced down. Dr. Fleming uses a patient’s hair to create a new hairline and to cover and hide any incisions. 

Hairline lowering is commonly performed in women with high hairlines and in patients undergoing facial feminization surgery. Men with high hairlines are often not good candidates for the procedure. Early hair loss is often a cause of a high or receding hairline in men. Forehead reduction is only a temporary fix to this problem. Eventually, the hairline will recede more, revealing the scar placed in the hairline. For hair loss, we recommend hair replacement surgery instead.

Achieving a Natural-Looking Result from Your Hairline Lowering Procedure: Our Best Tips

Hairline lowering isn’t a procedure that all plastic surgeons offer. It requires an advanced technique to achieve a natural-looking result. Dr. Fleming has offered this treatment for decades, using specialized techniques he created himself to achieve some of the best results in the state. 

To ensure your results are as natural looking as possible, consider these tips. 

  • Work with a Skilled Plastic Surgeon– Your choice of surgeon matters. Choose a surgeon that performs hairline lowering regularly. Ask to see pictures of their results. 
  • Slow and Steady May Be Necessary– Some patients may need procedures in advance of their forehead reduction to prepare the skin for surgery. If the scalp doesn’t have enough laxity, we may use a tissue expander temporarily to stretch the skin. The stretching process takes several weeks and the expander is removed during the hairline lowering procedure. Preparing the scalp using a tissue expander takes longer but is essential for a good result in patients with a tight scalp. 
  • Hide Scars with Hair– No one wants a visible scar on their face or in their hairline. Dr. Fleming uses a special technique where he buries hair follicles under the incision line. This hair grows in front of the incision and helps to keep it concealed. 
  • Pair with a Brow Lift– If you’ve got aging or sagging brows, tighten them up at the same time as your forehead reduction. A brow lift can be done with the same incision and can be performed during the same operating room visit. 

Learn more about hairline lowering in Beverly Hills, CA. Call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Richard Fleming.