Improving the Fiveheads

In this forum we frequently talk about beauty and facial proportions first described by Da Vinci. The frontal hairline, which helps to frame the face in both men and women, will influence facial balance. In men we are all aware of the common problem of male pattern baldness and the medical and surgical alternatives to treat this condition.

The majority of women have normal forehead height which is 1/3rd of the face. If that is a normal forehead, many years ago the term “fivehead” was coined to describe a bigger forehead. I’ve not heard that term for a long time but recently I’ve seen it twice; had a piece on this last month and Tyra Banks is producing an autobiographical comedy called Fiveheads.There are many examples of beautiful women with fiveheads such as Beyonce, Vanessa Williams, and Angelina Jolie but many women do not like this feature which is distracting and will limit their hair styles. That is why we continue to see women from all over the world to have our hairline lowering procedure, which we described many years ago.

In this technique we lower the hairline and shorten the forehead , bury hair follicles which produce hair that will grow through and in front of the incision so it will not be seen after healing is complete.

We thank TMZ and Tyra Banks for reminding us about this innovative description of the unwanted physical characteristic of a “Fivehead” which can be eliminated.

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