Liquid Facelift Beverly Hills - Richard Fleming, M.D.

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Over the years, as the face begins to lose collagen and elastin, sagging facial features become apparent. The loss of facial volume and elasticity also leads to the formation of wrinkles, creases and folds. During the past few years, a specialized group of physicians began treating wrinkles with new FDA-approved dermal fillers, BOTOX®, and Dysport®. Some of these physicians refined techniques to focus on lifting and contouring, with an ancillary benefit of wrinkle reduction. This has become the revolutionary new approach in treating sagging facial features called a Liquid Face Lift.

Goals Of Liquid Facelift

  • Gentle lift of individual (or overall) facial features
  • Reducing wrinkles, creases or folds
  • Restorating natural, curved facial contours
  • Providing more rested, energetic look
  • A friendlier smile

Each of these dermal fillers has unique attributes that work in their own special way to contour specific areas of the face. In general, dermal fillers replace lost volume in the face or help the body regenerate its own collagen. Precisely placed, the dermal fillers can be used to lift or contour any number of facial features.
It is common knowledge that BOTOX® and DYSPORT® relaxes and diminishes wrinkles. In the face, there is a constant tug of war among muscles that pull up and muscles that pull down. These products relaxes the underlying muscles, providing a lift to facial features.

Results from Liquid Facelift techniques are usually gradual and can range from subtle to astonishing. It is common for patients who have had Liquid Facelift procedures to say that they receive compliments on their appearance without others knowing that they have done anything. In some instances, the results can be so uplifting that they change an individual’s life. Liquid Facelift procedures generally take around half an hour or so, and the patient can return to most normal routines the same day. As with any cosmetic medical procedure, results vary from patient to patient.

The Liquid Facelift Association is a non-profit association of licensed physicians who are highly experienced in the use of advanced Liquid Facelift products. The average member physician has performed over 5,000 BOTOX®, Dysport® procedures and nearly 5,000 dermal filler procedures.