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Procedure Videos


Dr. Fleming

  • Cheek AugmentationDr. Fleming discusses Cheek Augmentation and Lifts

  • Eyelid SurgeryDr. Fleming discusses Eyelid Surgery

  • Chin & Jaw LineDr. Fleming discusses Chins and Jaw Lines

  • LipsDr. Fleming discusses Lip Procedures

  • Nose SurgeryDr. Fleming discusses Nose Surgery and Rhinoplasty

  • Male RhinoplastyDr. Fleming discusses Male Rhinoplasty

Dr. Mayer

  • Cheek AugmentationDr. Mayer discusses Cheek Procedures

  • Eye SurgeryDr. Mayer discusses Eye Surgery

  • Male Jaw and CheeksDr. Mayer discusses Male Jaws and Cheeks

  • LipsDr. Mayer discusses Lip Procedures

  • The Art of Reshaping the NoseDr. Mayer discusses Nose Surgery and Rhinoplasty

  • Female EyesDr. Mayer discusses Female Eye Procedures