Not all Vitamin C is Created Equal

A great vitamin C product brightens dramatically

Well, we’re not sure if that goes for the stuff in nature, but when it comes to anti-aging skincare ingredients – it’s the truth!

L-ascorbic acid is the scientific name for the molecule we call Vitamin C. It is abundant in fruits and vegetables and great for its antioxidant and immune-boosting properties. It is also essential to the collagen-building process in the skin. It allows you to get the plumping and firming benefits from all the microdermabrasions, peels, and at-home exfoliants that stimulate the collagen rebuild effect. Feed the skin l-ascorbic acid, and watch the years melt away.

Great… so why haven’t Beverly Hills women started adding bricks of ascorbic acid to their swimming pools?

Well, there’s one complication – pure vitamin C is not stable in oxygen or water. As it oxidizes it takes on a yellow and eventually orange color.

That’s bad news. Why? For one thing, because you’ve probably spent a lot of money on Vitamin C skin serums at the drug store, the department store, the health food store, even the spa. The “vitamin C” in them most likely did nothing for your skin. It probably wasn’t even vitamin C anymore – it had oxidized.

Fleming-Mayer Vitamin C and Antioxidant Serum

Two others forms of Vitamin C worth mentioning hit the mark too. Ascorbyl palmitate is a widely used in skin care. It is not so effective at collagen-building but it does provide great antioxidant benefit to your skin and to other ingredients in the product. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is also very stable, and can offer collagen-rebuilding with a nice shelf life. A few other Vitamin C forms can improve the skin too – but be wary.
The good news? It is possible to stabilize Vitamin C so it can still offer the collagen-building benefits we want. Vitamin C Ester is a fat-soluble form of that l-ascorbic molecule. It is stable and it penetrates into the layer of the skin where collagen-building actually happens. It is a truly amazing Vitamin C ingredient for anti-aging.

What’s most important is to buy a clear or white formula packaged in an air-tight and opaque packaging. As always, be sure to ask for independent clinical data to make sure that the product you purchase can back up its claims and truly give beautiful results!

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