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Facelift, Birth Defect Rev – Jayne

…It’s a joy to get up in the morning and not be afraid to see yourself in the mirror. You can see all your face, not just do your eyes because that’s all you can do right now, and do your nose because you don’t want to see your nose along with your eyes, and your lips… I had implants in my lip, and I think I have the best bottom lip in town – I’m in love with my own bottom lip!

All of it was in the skillful hands of a man who understood: it’s what makes you the best-looking you, what makes you get up in the morning and say “This is a nice face.” You can go out in public and not cover your nose or your mouth or your eyes, or twiddle with your neck because you think the lines are too much. It’s giving you the gift of going, “I’m fine.”

Will people notice me walking down the street? Maybe not to whistle. But I like to think they think “What a nice-looking person!” What a gift that is…