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Cosmetic Couple – Jessica and Tom

Jessica and Tom are one of our “Cosmetic Couples”. Jessica came in to have a bad nose job repaired, and when they saw the results, Tom came in for facial rejuvenation.

Tom: “…I was introduced to Dr. Mayer through Jessica, and I was amazed at how he repaired a botched nose job that had been torturing her for a long time. And I was somewhat reluctantly talked into having a facelift and facial rejuvenation, and a chinlift. It’s now ten months later and I’m very happy that I did it… I’m very pleased that I still look like myself, just many years younger.”

Jessica: “…For me, it was a great relief, because I had been – as he was saying – tortured by this horrible botched rhinoplasty for years. It was to the point where, when I would walk by a mirror, I would just kind of look the other way, because I didn’t feel like that was me staring back at me in the mirror. So I’m very glad that I had it done also.”