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Fleming/Mayer Flap – Jim

I have removed the last of my staples and gotten my first official post flap hair cut. It was a much more enjoyable experience than it has been in frankly the last 10 years. I am continually intrigued and delighted to see thick hair where a receded hair line used to be. It was truly a pleasure to have gone through this experience with such a fantastic group of compassionate and good humored people. I wish all of you many years of continued success and great happiness.

Currently there is no better way for a man to address a receding hair line than the Fleming/Mayer flap. The experience was not w/o cost or some pain, but the payoff was entirely worth it. I have gotten consistenly strong feedback from friends and family. I am a believer!! If you are tired of seeing your head in the mirror rather than hair, this procedure is the miracle you’ve waited for.