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Facial Rejuvenation – Kathy

I guess I always figured that I would age gracefully and that my “bubbly” personality would take care of the rest, but I have to tell you there is nothing graceful about aging. Over the past ten years, I watched the skin drooping over my upper eyelids, the bags forming under my eyes and my face in a race to my feet. No matter how much make-up I applied, I never seemed to feel good about how I looked. Now the search for the right plastic surgeon. Several of my friends had had cosmetic surgery but they had a stretched, unnatural look. I wanted a refreshed more youthful appearance but not that plastic look. I had seen Dr. Toby Mayer’s name associated with many Hollywood stars, I had seen him on television with his patients and that was the look I wanted! So, a trip to Beverly Hills and I knew immediately, this was the doctor that would perform the surgery that would transform my face – his results looked so natural! Several months later, all healed, I returned to a small town just outside of Chicago where I grew up, to attend a 40 years class reunion picnic. I was excited and nervous to see my old high school buddies. I looked over to a group of people and thought they could not possibly be my old classmates. They looked too old! Imagine my surprise to find out those were my classmates! Although everybody was my age or younger, in comparison to me, they all looked so tired and wrinkled. I looked the best out of the whole class. Everybody commented on how good I looked and attributed it to the good living in sunny California. But the biggest surprise of all was when the former beauty queen told me how great she thought I looked. After admitting to her that it was Dr. Mayer who was responsible, she asked me for his card. The most beautiful girl in my old high school was in need of cosmetic surgery. I was tickled at the thought that even beauty queens and cheerleaders age too!