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Nose – Ken

While Ken could smell everything around him, unlike his fiance Lillian, it was his shortness of breath during exercise that led him to surgery. And after Lillian’s nose surgery was so successful, Ken decided to see Dr. Fleming to alleviate the breathing problem as well as to fix the bump on his nose.

Like Lillian, I also had a breathing problem. However, mine bothered me mostly while I exercised. I have always been athletic and sometimes I would have a problem catching my breath during a workout. Running on the treadmill was probably the worst because as I got further into the workout, I would run at a faster pace and find myself gasping for air. This, in addition to the sleepless nights my snoring caused my family, reinforced my decision to see Dr. Fleming. I too suffered from a deviated septum which basically means that there was an obstruction inside my nose affecting the air passageway. Dr. Fleming assured me that he could fix the deviated septum and, while he was there, remove the bump on the bridge of my nose as well. Until then I’d never really given much thought to the bump, other than it made my reading glasses fit a little awkwardly. However, I saw how great Lillian’s nose looked and decided to let Dr. Fleming fix mine too. And boy am I glad I did! He took the bump out, gave me a tip, allowed me to breathe normally and stopped my snoring. He did a fantastic job!