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Eyes, Cheek Aug – Linda M.

Stresses caused by the financial recession of the early 1990’s took a toll on me. I had always prided myself on looking younger and being a dynamo in the work force. However, no matter how hard I worked, life in general was not working for me. I moved from Long Beach, New York to Long Beach, California in the hopes that things would be different. They were not, and the results began to show. My eyes became puffy and droopy and my face was beginning to sag. I felt that I was looking older and believed I was losing my competitive edge because of my appearance. I decided to make an investment in myself. Upon looking at pictures of super models in a woman’s magazine, I realized it was the high cheekbones that made them look so beautiful. You couldn’t see my cheekbones because of the fat surrounding them. I thought a facelift would take care of the fat cheeks and expose my natural cheekbones. You can imagine my surprise when, upon consulting Dr. Mayer, he told me cheek implants would give me far better results than a facelift because I needed higher cheekbones – just like the super models. We also decided to take away the tired puffy look around my eyes. It’s been four months now since I had surgery. This week, I’m going back home to Long Beach, New York where I have a great job waiting for me. Whether my recent good fortune is because of my more youthful appearance, I’ll never know. One thing I do know is that having surgery lifted more than my cheekbones, it lifted my spirits. It was the best investment I ever made.