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HLL and Rhinoplasty – Lisa

I miss all of you already. I get so many compliments. I saw a girl in the bathroom while I was at the airport waiting on my flight home. I was wiping my nose for a while trying to clean it and I noticed that she glanced at me. I asked her if she could tell that I had a nose job and she said, “No English.” I then showed her the before pictures and pointed at my hairline and nose on the picture and then pointed at my hairline and nose on my face. Her mouth dropped wide open, she stared at me in amazement and then smiled and shook her head up and down numerous times really fast, signaling that she liked the changes. It is amazing that we didn’t even speak the same language but yet she understood exactly what was going on! I can now enjoy the very simple things in life. I never use to leave my house without weave, a wig, or scarf to cover my forehead, but now I can run to McDonalds at night without covering my forehead, hahaha…

I love it! I look better and better every day!!! I am writing a letter with this story and a testimonial for you all to include in the book located in your lobby and I will mail it next week. Thanks again!

Three Years Later