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Hairline Lowering – Louise

I would like to thank everyone at the Beverly Hills Institute for the reassurance and trust I was made to feel before and after my operation, this kindness and support has made a huge difference to my hairline lowering procedure…
I was at an all time “low” and had a vision From God on Friday, February 14th, 1997 (over 10 years ago). I saw a lot in this vision including a woman with ‘long’ hair with two children. I didn’t recognize the woman but had a deep feeling it was me!
I’ve had several operations since that vision and have tried to grow my hair long numerous times, but with my high forehead it looked awful and always resulted in me cutting it short and being bitterly disappointed. I then submitted to myself to not being “the woman” of my vision because there was no way I was ever going to have long hair long hair and look feminine. Not long after, I saw a documentary on TV about an army officer who had facial feminization surgery to make him look more feminine including forehead lowering. This is when I looked on the internet and saw your website on hairline lowering and inside I have been boiling with the excitement that I really am going to be the woman of my vision… And I am!!
Thank you Dr. Mayer and everyone who helped make me so happy. XX