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Nose Fractures (28M)

Having surgery on my nose to improve facial symmetry was something I had contemplated for many years. I had consulted with 2 doctors before consulting with Dr. Fleming at the Beverly Hills Institute. Both times I felt like the doctors looked and me and wanted to rush me into surgery. Dr. Fleming and his assistant took time and explained to me the anatomy on my nose and presented various options. I didn’t feel rushed, which was important to me because it took me some time to come to terms with how I wanted to proceed. Dr. Fleming performed my surgery and I am very happy with his practice, his staff, and above all my results. I had never had surgery before, and I was very nervous the day of my procedure. However, my experience was actually very pleasant. They took very good care of me, they earned my trust and kept it well. From the anesthesiologist to the receptionist, I am very grateful for the insightful and friendly experience. If you are considering a procedure, check them out for a consult, you won’t regret it.