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Liposuction of the Thighs and Knees – Samantha

It seemed no matter how often or how hard I exercised, the excess fat deposits around my thighs and knees just would not go away and it frustrated me tremendously. I decided that the only way I was going to reduce my problem was through liposuction. I discussed this procedure with the doctors. They assured me that this is a very safe procedure when performed by qualified surgeons in a facility that is designed for this type of surgery. They also assured me that I would be happy with the results. Happy is not the word to describe the way I feel – ecstatic is more like it! Not only do I love the way I look, I also love the way my clothes look on me. I had never realized how much I had dressed around my body. Now I feel I can wear anything I want without worrying about any more bulges! Of course, I still exercise and eat right. The doctors told me that maintaining my exercise regimen and eating a balanced diet is the key to a successful result with liposuction. But it’s all worth it, I have never felt better about myself!