Skin Care & Chemical Peels for the Body

Don’t limit flawless skin to the face

Picture this: the angelic complexion of youth, beautiful makeup, perfectly coifed hair, short-sleeved tank or top paired with smart trousers or a skirt. A lovely sight, until a close-up inspection reveals a mottled, crepey chest and advanced signs of sun damage on the arms or legs! All the care taken on our face and dress is for nought when we don’t care for our bodies too.

Luckily there are solutions for treating these signs of sun damage and photoaging.

The basics are understood by most. Moisturize your skin every day on the way out of the shower and apply SPF on any limb or part revealed during daylight – rain or shine. If that means buying an extra sunblock to keep in your car and handbag, just reassure yourself that protection is well worth the expense – and it’s cheaper than trying to reverse problems later.

Body peels are performed by physicians and skin care professionals every day. Undertaking a series of these will truly transform the health and look of your skin. They reverse hyperpigmentation and mottled tone, hydrate, and tighten.

They are generally spaced at 6-8 week intervals. Body peels are similar in many ways to facial peels; often the same deck of ingredients like TCA and glycolic are instrumental. They are different in the way that they heal, however. The “peel and heal” cycle stretches much longer – which means that it can take a week or more before visible sideeffects become apparent and then another couple weeks until they subside. Sideeffects like dryness and peeling are less dramatic than they are after facial peels. In fact, it’s easy to forget that a very active treatment has left the skin more delicate and photosensitive for the recovery period. Have diligence in treating the skin gently and in using moisturizer and SPF.

The care does pay off. The results of a series of even three or four body peels can be life-changing. Mottled forearms can be restored to beautiful shades of caramel, golden, and milky white by TCA treatments. Dry, ashy skin can be awakened and quenched with Lactic and glycolic treatments. Crepey texture can turn bouncy. Put in the care and soon you’ll find that your own beautiful skin is your favorite new accessory.

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