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Dr. Fleming is an artist and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a rhinopasty revision. He does awesome tip and graft work! He is simply amazing I’m SO glad I chose him!!!
Adam C.

Dr Fleming is truly an artist and his precise incisions made it so that after the 3 day I stopped taking my pain meds. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I still look like me but with like a filter. He listened to how I wanted to look natural and he superseded my expectations. 
Post op care has been top notch. He has seen me about for times and still wants to see me every month just to check on my progress. I have had other plastic surgeons (the best in the industry) and none of them have offered the level of care and dedication that I got from Dr Fleming and his staff. He’s truly the gold standard in Beverly Hills plastic surgery and a perfectionist which is exactly what you want when it comes to your face. Absolutely and totally recommend him.

I had a brow lift, bone contouring, hairline lowering, rhinoplasty, cheek bone implants, buccal fat pad removal all at the same time. I thought that recovery would be long and painful and that I would be in lots of discomfort. I was wrong. 

Highly recommend Dr R. Fleming and staff. The Gold Standard in Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills. I had an initial consultation w Dr Fleming in 1991. Proceeding at the time w two Fleming/Mayer Flaps. 25+ years later and still growing strong.

Dr. Fleming was great. I had a bit of a complicated Rhinoplasty revision. I had broken my nose a couple times, and then had a rhinoplasty procedure done about 6 years ago that wasn’t desireable. He was able to walk me through the consultation process with ease, while answering any and all questions I had. I felt like he had the experience and proven results to help me out and perform the revision. The surgery went really well, and I’m thrilled with the results. Additionally his staff, and front office are great. I consider them all friends at this point, and I look forward to our follow up appointments.

Dr. Fleming’s office is the ONLY place to go if you are considering rhinoplasty (primary, revision, reconstruction). In my case, I was in dear need of a facial reconstructive surgeon who would be able to correct my nose problem. I had two rhinoplasty procedures in the past, my primary ended up not being what I expected. My first surgeon attempted to fix my dorsal hump, which was my primary concern, but I also had a bulbous tip which he did not even touch. Fast forward, a week later when the cast came off I noticed immediately that my nose was crooked, still swollen but very noticeable. I was hoping that with time it would sorta “fix itself”, but it obviously it did not. A year later I decided to get a revision rhinoplasty to address my crooked nose and bulbous tip problem. This second time around was my worst nightmare. Soon after the cast came off everything looked good “from the outside”, but never did I imagine that two weeks post-op my nose (the graft work) was going to collapse from one side (the left side). To make matters worse, I then began to notice scar tissue build up inside my nose that covered majority of the nostril on the right, I believe that scar tissue is also known as “adhesion and or synechiae”. In other words, I was not able to breathe properly and having that deformity inside my nose caused me so much frustration for a full year. This problem definitely needed immediate fixing. Fast forward a few months later of me finding Dr. Fleming (seeking a third surgery) on realself, it was the best decision I ever made. As soon as I left his office after my consultation, I knew that he was going to be my surgeon.

With so many years of experience, Dr. Fleming knew my problem right away after evaluating my nose. He quickly diagnosed my nose and instantly knew what to do in order to fix my problem. He suggested for me to wait the remainder of the year for my nose to heal completely in order to fix it, but also invited me to come in every 3 months up until my year was up (visited his office 3 times for photos) to take photos of my nose to learn its evolution of the changes, which was more than I would have expected, very professional. I then decided to book my surgery on October 10th 2018. The procedure was a success and Dr. Fleming’s team could not have been more amazing. Thank you for everything you guys did to make me feel welcome, I knew I was in the best hands. From booking my consultation with Mary Anna and her graciousness with my first visit and for answering all my questions and concerns; to Maria being the most caring nurse who was by my side since day 1, thank you!!! My nose cast was removed a week later where I learned a lot of reconstruction took place (numerous grafting with meticulous work). The nose reveal was the most emotional part of this whole process, I couldn’t believe how perfect my nose looked despite the swelling. As the months passed by, now almost 6 months post op my nose looks wonderful, I am so happy with the results even though I have a few more months to go to see the full results. Again thank you Dr. Fleming and his team for changing my life, fixing my breathing problem and restoring my self confidence.

I wanted a rhinoplasty for years and when I was ready to do it I wanted a MD who specializes in noses. I could not find anyone in my area who specializes in noses or seemed to have a lot of experience. I read some of Dr. Fleming answers in the Q & A section and scheduled an appointment. I was very comfortable with him and with the years of experience that he has- so even though he is not in my area - it was over 2 hours one way to drive to my appointments - I felt it was worth the drive. Yes it did suck to spend over 4 hours in the car for a quick follow up appointment but well worth it. A rhinoplasty is a big deal and I don't think that it is something that you should skimp on in any way - ex. price, travel. Also we where able to do some follow up on Skype which helped. There was one feature of my nose that I hated but really did not know where to go from there. Dr. Fleming made suggestions, I felt confident that he knew what he was talking about and so went with what he suggested. I am so glad that I did. Before the surgery I read other reviews that said that he is good at knowing what changes will look good for your face and I completely agree. I was embarrassed to even talk about my nose but I was very comfortable talking with him. Also Maryann his assistant was SO helpful - really went above and beyond to help me get all of the pre-op stuff done. Maria his nurse is also amazing and made me feel very comfortable especially when I had questions or needed help with follow up. It has been almost one year since Dr. Fleming did my rhinoplasty and I love my nose. Just last week a friend said to me "I can't get over how amazing your nose looks" I can't say enough about Dr. Fleming and his staff.
I am really fortunate for finding Dr. Richard W. Fleming. DR. Fleming’s knowledge and excellent techniques changed my life. Whole stuff is super friendly and helpful at any time.
Amanda L.
Dr. Fleming is AMAZING! He is an Artist !! I had rhinoplasty with chin augmentation and LOVE it!!!! He took time to explain the entire procedure and answered every question I had, I knew I could trust him and am glad I did! He did an AMAZING job exceeded my expectations! I love my new nose and how defined my chin is now. Recovery was a breeze thanks to Dr. Fleming and his staff, MARIA was AMAZING as well she took such good care of me 🙂 went over and beyond her job responsibilities, I was given VIP treatment from start to finish. They take time in caring for patients unlike other surgeons. I highly recommend Dr. Fleming.
Loved Dr. Fleming and not only would I come back to him but I would and have recommended him to others. He is truly a caring and professional Doctor.
Terry B.
It is almost 2 years post op. I am so glad that I did this. Dr Fleming is a real artist and he gave me a beautiful nose. 🙂
Jennifer R.
Having undergone multiple cosmetic surgical procedures, there is only one doctor that I truly trust - Dr. Richard Fleming. It is undeniable that Dr. Fleming is considered Beverly Hills’ “go-to” cosmetic plastic surgeon for consistent and next-to-flawless results. In this regard, Dr. Fleming is as much an “artist” as a highly qualified surgeon with decades of experience, as he is able to improve a person’s physical imperfections to near flawlessness. The nature of interaction with Dr. Fleming involves him spending significant time understanding the patient’s concerns and objectives; subsequently, he provides his own in-depth insight and analyses on what is possible and what is not, all while framing reasonable expectations. Personally, my objective in undergoing surgery was to have a very natural appearance so that people seeing me would not automatically think that I’ve undergone surgery. In this respect, the results are mind-blowing because I receive compliments as to how “naturally beautiful” I am and little do they know, it was the masterful work of Dr. Fleming. Something I truly appreciate about all interactions and appointments at Dr. Fleming’s office is that you are actually spending majority of your time with Dr. Fleming, himself, rather than having to explain your desires to countless staff members, as is often the case in other offices. I truly can’t thank Dr. Fleming and his exceedingly talented and kind team enough. In this regard, a special thank you to Dr. Fleming and his right-hand assistant, Maria. As full disclaimer, I have been a long-standing patient of Dr. Fleming. This review was written simply because I found a review page for him online and wanted to share my experiences with others.
Dr. Fleming gave me the most beautiful nose the world! Having had multiple consultations with surgeons, Dr. Fleming was the only doctor who gained my trust. Not only does he have an exemplary sense of aesthetics, he has the skill and experience which yield fantastic results. I now am 9 weeks post op and couldn’t be more pleased with my Rhinoplasty. Before going in for surgery, I wasn’t nervous of the outcome because Dr. Fleming answered all my questions and was clear about what to expect, but I was extremely frightened of going under anesthesia. Dr. Fleming and his anesthesiologist assuaged my fears, along with his wonderful staff. I have been addicted to Afrin most my life, and since my procedure, not only have I not needed to use the nose drops, but I can breathe better than ever! The surgery was my 25th wedding anniversary present from my husband, and the best decision I ever made!
Becky K.
Dr. Fleming puts you at ease as soon as you meet him. He is very confident and has so much experience, but he really takes the time to explain everything, answer all questions (no matter how trivial), and reassure his patients (in my experience so far). Any time I am anxious about my upcoming rhinoplasty, I read his comments here on Real Self and am reassured and confident in my choice of surgeon!
Rebecca H.
Doctor was able to look at my case and educate me on what is recommended. It’s hard to find someone that I can trust, all staff members were able to do so. All while making me feel comfortable during my appointment. Would recommend to my family and friends!
Gina S.
Dr. Fleming was an excellent Dr. He explained that I didn’t need another rhinoplasty. All I needed was a rim graft. I was very excited to hear this as I was concerned and scared that a revision rhinoplasty would have made it worst. I didn’t want to change my whole nose I just wanted my nostrils to be symmetrical. His staff are also great people. They actually care and will make you feel very comfortable. I wish I had gone with Dr. Fleming for my first surgery as I am very confident I wouldn’t have had to gone again.
Susan F.
Wow where do I even begin..... so I have always disliked my nose and knew I wanted a rhinoplasty since I was 12 yrs old, and honestly my nose needed a lot of work done. I had a long thin bridge but a wide, bulbous, and droopy tip. I also had a deviated septum and a hump in my nose. I also did not like my nostrils either. I was referred to the Beverly Hills institute by a coworker who had a rhinoplasty done over 10 years ago, and after checking out other real self reviews decided to go through with a consultation with Dr.Fleming. I had consulted with 3 other surgeons before deciding on Dr. fleming. I flew into Beverly Hills all the way from the East coast just for a consultation, and immediately knew in my heart that I would not be more comfortable or confident with any other surgeon then Dr. fleming and his staff. The day of my consultation a woman was scheduled before me for her rhinoplasty post-op appointment and when she came into the waiting room she looked so gorgeous and natural, so I was able to see his work not just online but in person as well and immediately felt comfortable. Next, the staff was so personable! Maryanna was such a sweetheart, and I really enjoyed conversations with her. They truly treat you like a friend/family member there, and not just as a patient. Next, I was incredibly impressed by Dr. Fleming, he did not rush me at all and allowed me to take my time voicing my concerns over my nose. He told me he could fix everything that concerned me and he even pointed out flaws within my nose that I haden’t even noticed before, so I knew right away he had the eye for detail that I was looking for. Not only that, he sat down and got to know me on a personal level and asked me about school and my major, etc. It felt like he truly cared about me as a patient and wasn’t after my money. That day I put down my deposit for surgery and it was truly the best decision I had ever made. Flash forward to the surgery.... it wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be, I only needed painkillers the first 2 days. My bruising and swelling was perfectly normal but it really freaked me out and I had severe anxiety my first week of recovery, and even called the office freaking out due to my anxiety taking over. Dr. Fleming kindly called me multiple times over the weekend to help ease my nerves and even had me come into the office days before my cast removal just to talk with me. Dr. Fleming and his nurse Maria were so sweet and patient with me and really helped me cope with my anxiety, and with my permission Dr. Fleming even called my father to talk with him. It has now been 2 months since my rhinoplasty surgery and I am BEYOND thankful to Dr. Fleming and his staff. I knew my results were going to be good, but I didn’t expect them to be this good. This surgery has truly changed my life for the better, and although I don’t place my self-esteem based on outside appearances, the surgery has boosted my confidence in ways I never could have imagined. I am so in love with my new nose, it truly is perfect and I now for the first time in my life receive compliments on it by strangers on “how perfect my nose is”. I honestly think my nose is now my favorite physical feature. My new nose is gorgeous, but best of all it looks natural and I still look like myself but a better version. My breathing has also drastically improved. At the time of writing this review I am only 2 months post-op, and I still have a little bit of swelling and am already in love with my results. Getting a rhinoplasty done with Dr. Fleming was truly the best decision I’ve ever made so far!
Tina M.
I was unhappy with some signs of aging and pinned down a root cause of what was aging all of the other young looking features on my face. So I narrowed it down to the nasolabial folds. Dr. Fleming knew excellent techniques to keep the area from bruising which was great experience for me. Im very happy with the outcome. Dr. Fleming answered all my questions and concerns.
Tina M.
I no longer feel uggly or embarrased to have my picture taken – Excellent Doctor.
M. R.
Really Wow… My Surgeon is Like Michelangelo – I Had a VERY Difficult Nose.
It is almost 2 years post op. I am so glad that I did this. Dr Fleming is a real artist and he gave me a beautiful nose. 🙂
He did my revision Rhinoplasty. It is EXACTLY what I wanted. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Fleming. Not only does he have several years of experience, but he is truly an artist! He even pointed out a defect in my nose that no other plastic surgeon had noticed before. When he fixed this during my surgery, it made a huge difference in my results for the better. We were on the same page from the start–during my initial consultation, he immediately saw the issues I had with my nose. His bedside manner is excellent. He is sympathetic and EXTREMELY patient! My first Rhinoplasty with a different physician did not go well, so I was very nervous about getting a revision. I had consultations with several other physicians prior to meeting Dr. Fleming and was still very hesitant. But when I met Dr. Fleming, I knew he was the physician for the job. He spent several hours with me before my surgery in order to explain the procedure and answer all of my questions. I am an out of town patient so after my initial Skype consultation, he even met with one of my family members who lives in his area before I paid my deposit/booked my surgery. When I arrived to town, I had TWO pre-op appointments before my surgery. He truly cares about his patients and will spend time with you to get your questions answered and discuss expectations in order to give you the results you want. His staff is also great. They respond promptly to emails. Even though I am an out of town patient, I never had issues scheduling appointments; they were always very flexible.
Dr. Fleming is amazing at what he does! He is a big perfectionist, he will always listen and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results. I truly had the best experience, I highly recommend him!
Overall an amazing experience from start to finish. I could not be happier. Dr. Fleming and his staff are wonderful. Dr. Fleming took his time explaining everything, he addressed all of my concerns and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Fleming for anyone seeking revision rhinoplasty. He is a true master.
Excellent. Finally, after a terrible first surgery and 2 revisions by other doctors, Dr. Fleming got it right! The length of his career and all his years of experience went into doing something that other doctors could not. I think the other doctors who performed my surgeries were fine doctors but just didn’t have the experience required for a case as complicated as mine. I would urge anyone who has a messy history of revisions, and are facing their last chance to get it right to see a doctor who has seen it all.
Dr. Fleming is an awesome person. He explains everything completely as does Maria his assistant. I worked in surgery for years as a PA and Dr. Fleming’s pre-op and post-op care is superior to any I have ever seen or experienced. That is why he’s considered one of the top surgeons in the world.
E. R.
I’m totally thrilled with the results from my hairline brow lift by Dr. Fleming. This man is not only an excellent physician who inspires confidence, he’s an artist. I used to sit at my desk and when I was tired, would literally hold my brow up. The weight of my forehead was too much for me. I talked about having it done for years. Drs. Fleming and Mayer originated and developed the hairline brow procedure and I couldn’t be happier – they’re the best! My results speak for themselves. I look the same but way better, I can feel my actual brow bone for the first time in my life, I no longer feel the strain of the weight of my forehead on my face, and I can see better. Literally, my peripheral vision has improved because my brow is not impeding my vision. A totally unexpected bonus. Who knew? Win win win.
I have always been self-conscious of my forehead. Thanks to the procedure I am in love with the way I look now. It’s how I have always imagined myself to look. Dr. Fleming gave me a new lease on life. I enjoy the wind now instead of fearing it, which is simple but amazing for me. My only fear during the whole process was that I might regret how I looked after. There are no regrets except maybe not doing this sooner. I use to hate going outside because I knew I’d have to spend a long time getting my hair ready or opt for my many assortment of hats, headbands and scarves I’ve collected over the years. The staff were very friendly and encouraging which I needed. Dr. Fleming is professional and skilled and overall a great surgeon. Everyone truly cares for you and are looking out for your best interests. At least that’s how I felt. Thank you Maria! If you are looking to have this procedure done and have questions the staff is there to answer them.
Dr. Fleming is a master of facial plastic surgery. I still look like myself, but refreshed! Even my GP doctor, who sees many patients after surgery, told me that she had never seen such good and natural looking work, in particular my eyes. Dr. Fleming's fabulous staff is professional, knowledgable, and compassionate. Someone was always available to answer my questions from pre-op to post-op. I was well taken care by Dr. Fleming and his staff to ensure an excellent recovery.
I have had multiple interactions with Dr. Fleming for 30+ years. He has always been the utmost professional. He takes his time and explains every procedural nuance in detail. I was very prepared before my surgery, had a long consult with his Anesthesiologist as well, which was of comfort to me. Dr. Fleming was by my bedside as I woke up, and in close contact during my recover and after care. My experiences have exceeded my expectations every time.
Being a patient who was seeking revision rhinoplasty i was unsure and bit frightened. That changed when i met Richard Fleming and his staff, i felt like i was surrounded by family. True professionals who genuinely care about each and every patient. I felt at ease and above all, i new i was in good hands. You cant ignore Dr. Fleming's experience and artistic touch. In many ways he helped me with more than just my revision rhinoplasty, he gave me the ability to walk with my head held high once again.
Dr. Fleming is truly the most experienced and best rhinoplasty expert. I had a beautiful result with a very difficult revision requiring cartilage and skin grafts. I was ecstatic with the result. He was able to revise my over-reduced nose when I thought there was no hope. He is thorough and thoughtful and has done this for years. Truly the “go to” rhinoplasty surgeon.